Trees of Righteousness

The area where I lived in Texas is called the Piney Woods. It is here the Southern Yellow Pine grows and is harvested for its wood. Great tracts of land are pretty much stripped of the trees and either allowed to regrow at its own rate or planted for a future crop. I hated to drive by these areas because the land was so tore up and natural habitat destroyed. I grieved for the birds and animals in the area. Most often the hardwoods and the unwanted parts of the pine trees are just piled and burned, or worse, left to decay as the land regenerates itself. 2166284-lgIt was nice to see areas that were developed for home sites remove the pines but the allow some of the hardwoods to remain. The Church I attended had just such hardwoods. Many times as I passed them I was struck by their shape. They were tall and slender but they had no breadth. Many had no real lower branches and the circumfrance of their branches was small compared to the same type of tree grown else where. Now, my husband will tell you I absolutely love the natural shape of a tree. It makes me nuts to prune them at all let alone into lolipop shapes. Planting trees under power lines only to have to cut the tops off in 20 years is another peeve of mine. 2A tree grown naturally, in the middle of a field, with proper amounts of water is a sight to behold. My mind can still see the mighty oak that is alongside the highway that was on my way home in Texas. Incredible girth, stout brances and a shape no man could ever produce.

One day, as I pondered those poor trees at the Church, the Lord told me that every acorn has the ability to produce that magnificant oak I so enjoyed looking at. He said the ones at the Church had started with the same genetics to produce mighty and magnificant trees, but had fallen short because they had grown up with a lot of competition for the available resources in that area. Sure, there was protection He said. They never had to stand the brunt of the storms. But they compromised much for that protection. They had to be taller, their brances smaller and their roots had to become tangled with their neighbor. Their protection became their competition. And that competition, the Southern Yellow Pine, is very fast growing, much like the things of this world. Wealth, pleasure, tv, chemicals, desires and destractions. Unlike the acorn, we have a choice in where we are planted. If we allow ourselves to be ‘planted’ in the forest of the world, we too will grow thin and lanky, our focus on outgrowing our neighbors.

The Lord asked if I was ready for His return. When all is stripped away and I stand before Him, what kind of tree was I going to be? That mighty oak with branches stretchede out wide, a truck of tremendous girth made strong by the winds it withstood and roots spread wide and deep to support all I was designed to be? Or was I going to stand there tall and lanky, a few thin branches and shallow roots to show what my life had been.

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  1. Enjoyed your articles.. the are so GOOD.
    Love Mom

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