New Candle Fragrances

lg1_001517We are finally gettting our inventory of candle and melts back up after the Findlay show. We sold out of Buckeye, Amish Harvest and Caramel Crunch. Buckeye has been a favorite for years, but the Amish Harvest was brand new at the show. While burning the tester at the shop we got comments all month long about how great the fragrance was and when it would be ready. Amish Harvest candles and melts have been made and are ready for you to take home and enjoy.

The Caramel Crunch was a new fragrance last month and another that got lots of comments when we tested it. This fragrance is rich and decadent orange pound cake with a hefty coating of caramel. Absolutely delicious and the citrus notes are perfect for this time of year. We madef lots of melts in this to be ready for this being a new favorite.

Another new fragrance that we sold a lot of is Toasted Hazelnut. This is very warm and nutty and it has a great throw.  Other favorites at the show and around the shop are Pumpkin Crunch, Cinnamon Apple and Coffee Cake. A surprise sell out at the Findlay show was Dragon’s Blood. Not really a seasonal fragrance, it is one you either love or hate.. there is no middle ground. I’ve thought of renaming this fragrance but those that like it go out of their way to get it. I will have to make sure we bring a lot more next year when we do Findlay.

Currently burning around the shop are Harvest, Moonlit Path and Raspberry Patch. So far the Harvest and Moonlit Path are burning well and the throw for both is great. The Raspberry Patch is a Raspberry Patchouli blend that has done well in our lotions.. but the patchouli in the blend makes it very difficult to wick for a good burn. Patchouli is a very dark oil and even with the largest wicks, does not burn properly. I have found it impossible to wick in something I would sell. So this fragrance will probably only be available in melts.. like our Patchouli.

I have also poured some new ones that we will start burning next week. Look for Pecan Pralines and 7up Pound Cake when you enter the shop. We currently offer over 90 fragrances in both candles and melts and in time will offer 150 to be the largest selection of candles and melts in Ohio.

The picture at the top is one of  our Village Wax Warmers and it will quickly melt you wax tarts to fragrance you home at the same time it adds ambiance with its lighted glow.

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New Arrivials

Another delivery today! My plates from Hearthside came  and we got them all 20080416092511-579862priced and put out. Some favorites are back in stock and we have a few brand new ones. Many of these plates have nice inspirational messages like these from designer Barbara Lloyd  “Once you chose HOPE, everything is possible.”  “Some days there won’t be a song in your heart… SING anyway.” and “Do not be afraid of tomorrow, for GOD is already there.” We also got some fun ones for coffee addicts.

school1Another delivery received this week that we got put out today are wax warmers. We got some of our regular Revere warmers and also some of the Village Warmers. We have been waiting for months to get the Schoolhouse and Church warmers in. Beautiful as an accent in any home, the light bulbs in these warmers quickly melt wax tarts to fragrance your home. If you need wax melts for these or any other warmer, check out our selection Here.

Another item that has been back-ordered and finally in are the Saltbox Night Lights. We recently got our other night lights like the Outhouse, Federal Star, Paul Revere Lamp and Tent Top night lights. To see all our night lights see Here.


I hate Winter…

Well Winter is here.. and in full force. I left Texas last Saturday where it was 85 degrees and got back here to Ohio on Sunday. It was a cool 50 degrees when I got out of the car. Then came the snow. On the way in to the shop on Tuesday I lost control of the car and fish tailed down a good stretch of the road. Would I hit the truck in the other lane or go off in a field and possibly catch a telephone pole off on the right. After going back and forth for what seemed like forever, the car finally straightened out and we continued on. I’m still amazed I didn’t hit SOMETHING. My son said the whole thing was ‘wild’.  More snow today and more slippery roads. And there is more coming… they are predicting about 6″ more inches by Sunday. By now I’m thinking I left Texas for this?!

Around the shop we are getting  Christmas packed up and putting out Spring. Last year I loved being surrounded by daffodils, hyacinths and songbirds while watching the snow outside.  It just makes you feel good to see the bright, cheerful colors when the outside is so drab and gray. So when cabin fever sets in and you get tired of Winter, come in and get a breath of Spring. We will also be burning some new candle fragrances that will make you forget how cold it is outside.

New items are also arriving this month. We have several new Hearthside plates that are due in any day now. We had several new plates come in around Thanksgiving that sold out very quickly. Reorders of these items will also be coming in. Yesterday we received some really cool new primitive night lights as well as more of the best selling ones we already had. On the way are several new Wax Warmers. My favorite pattern, Old Mill, is no longer being made in the regular warmers. It is, however, being made in the new Junior Revere wax warmers. These warmers will also introduce a new Barn Star pattern. The projected ship date on the Junior warmers is March 1. We expect them in the shop shortly after that. Also expected in before the end of February are more of or our Revere Warmers. These warmers are very popular and go quickly when they hit the shelf. To see these new warmers check out the web site: . You can reserve one of these warmers before they come in by stopping by the shop.

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