Rusting Recipes

rustThe last buying trip I picked up a lot of rusty items. Rusty stuff looks so nice with primitive decor. Buying pieces already rusted is one way to get them.. and another way is to rust items yourself. I cruised the net and found some nice recipes for rusting your own items.

This recipe I got from Two old Crows and will nicely rust safety pins, jingle bells, or anything else you want to ‘age’ for your primitive creations.The most important thing to remember about rusting, is that you will want to buy the cheap brand of pins, safety pins, bells..etc that you can find. The more expensive brands have a shellac coating on them that you will have to sand off before rusting. Makes sure they are NOT brass either -brass will not rust.Do this outside away from children and pets…..the fumes are terrible !

1/2 cup cider vinegar
1/2 cup bleach
1 teaspoon salt

Directions :
Combine the ingredients in an old quart jar.
Add items you want to rust and cover loosely – place in a safe spot and let set for at least 2 days.
Line a tray with a couple of layers of paper towel and remove the items with an old fork from the mixture. place in the sunshine …….the items will begin to rust as they dry. Move them around so that they dry on all sides.

Caution: do not throw the mixture down the sink- dispose of properly where no animal or child could come in contact with.

And here’s another recipe I found at the Home Decor Ideas blog.

For heavy rusting:

 Measure 2 cups of CLOROX or any household bleach and pour into a metal cookie sheet with sides.

Add l cup of APPLE CIDER vinegar and mix thoroughly.

This must be done in a well-ventilated area or outdoors. Use an all-metal cookie sheet with sides. DO NOT use Teflon-coated, enamelware, glass or plastic containers.

 Immerse tin into solution. Tin has to be completely covered. It will start rusting immediately in the solution. It takes approx. 2-3 min.

Lift out of solution and stand on edge to dry. It will become very rusty. Let air dry completely for approx. 1-3 hours or overnight. When it is completely dry, wipe some of the rust off with a dry cloth…this is optional.

 I found another recipe that is not as toxic at Primitive Folk Art. First, place your items to be rusted into a container that has a lid – She used an empty glass candle jar. Pour enough bleach into the container to cover the items you are rusting, and then put the lid on. Let it sit like this for about 24 hours. Then drain the bleach into the toilet (get a second use out of it as a disinfectant!), leaving the metal items still damp in the jar. Next cover them with cider vinegar and add in a healthy dose of salt. Cover again, and let sit overnight. Pour the used vinegar down the drain (you can also get a second use of this as a drain unclogger if it follows a dose of baking soda), leaving the damp bells/safety pins/what have you in the jar. Put the jar out in the sun to dry, uncovered, and the metal items in it will rust as they dry.

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