More Rearranging

img_0119_2This old hutch is really neat. It is beat up and the doors are in pieces in the back of the shop. It is rather deep so I often have a difficult time showing off items I put on the shelves.

img_0120_2Though difficult to see in the picture.. I took one of my 140 bulb Deco Rice Light sets and wove it behind things on the top two shelves then ran them through the garland on top. I have had more people want the lighted garland since I did this. Though the Deco 140 lights are a bit much for the garland alone, we do carry a smaller Deco 35 light strand that would be perfect for adding that touch of light to a garland draped like this one.

img_0122_2Here are some of our Grubby  Battery Tapers. This is a nice, heavy candle pan with a colonial finish. The colonial finish is a very dark brownish black.. not the flat black many of them come in. We added some color coordinating candle rings then a fun little sign. These tapers are lit.. a bit difficult to see in the picture.. but they are a warm orangish yellow and have a gentle flicker to them.

img_0126_2OK.. I absolutely love, love, love these lighted balls! Again, difficult to see in the picture, each of these 10 twig balls have a little light in them. Are they not awesome in this treen bowl? They also looked great in an old, cast iron pot I had them in around Christmas time. I had 6 of these before Christmas and they were gone in 2 days. I got a dozen this time and once again, they are moving out quickly. I can think of lots of cool primitive containers for them.. baskets, bowls, pots, crocks.. you will find many delightful places for them as well. When you do.. send me a picture so I can post it here.


Room with a View

Front Hutch

 All though the weather is cold and snowy.. inside we are definitely looking like spring.  And I am finally getting some things together. This beautiful old hutch is the first thing you see when you walk in our door. It is being done in various shades of blue and has touches of yellow in it. But.. if you look real close.. you will see a unique decor item. Can you see it.. in the hydrangeas.. under the shelf part of the hutch.


It seems that Bruce has found himself a cozy perch to take a nap and wait for his beloved people to come in. He hasn’t been up in this hutch for months. During the Fall, he got up into that little cubby hole and took a nap. I was rearranging some things on the hutch one day and stuck some greenery up in there and he came flying out. His exit aged me a few years and my startled scream must have deterred him from that area for a while. Now it looks like he’s back. Probably warmer than napping in the front window these days with below freezing temps outside.



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Antique Shopping

   Yesterday I took a couple girlfriends to Springfield to look for bargins at some antique malls. One of them had been there before, and since we all like the same types of things, figured it would be a great way to spend a girls day out.  The first mall we went to was wonderful! We walked for what seemd like hours, oohing and aahing over all kinds of neat things and only got through about half of what they had to offer. After a nice lunch and a bit of a rest from the walking, we headed out to explore the other half of the store.

   My friend Jenn was seeking items for her bedroom. She found a wonderful square basket with a neat iron handle. In places where the wood on the bucket had cracked, there were metal pieces like bandaids to hold the two sides of the crack together.. really cool. And, the best part was it was painted the perfect blue for her bedroom. She also found several old bottels in shades of brown and blue to catch and reflect light from her windows.

   My other frined Deb, the leader of this adventure, found some very pretty lace to go in her bedroom. A recent paintjob and new linens and she was out looking for accessories. She did find a beautiful hand painted mirror that upon closer look, was $700.  She didn’t like it that well. Several other pieces caught her eye but not enough to really capture her interest. She already has some wonderful pieces in her home, so I understand her waiting for just the right one.

   I ended up lucking out with some great finds. As I was looking for pieces I could use in the store for display, I could be a flexible in design and finish. My treasures were some very old and beat up plank seat chairs. They had definately seen better days but were steady enough to set things on for display so they were joyfully pulled out of a corner. While getting the chairs I found a solid oak library table. I little cleaning and that is going to be a great piece. I also found a half round table that has some issues with its finish. I will be stripping that down and restaining it before it gets to the store. A few other goodies I picked up were crocks and a 4 compartment baking pan that will be used as a display at the shows.

   After getting all our stuff loaded we headed down a few exits and went to another mall. Jenn found a windpw pane that had been made into a planter box and I found a delightful old shutter with lots of peeling paint. We decided we had worked up an appetite for ice cream so stopped for a treat on the ride home. The day was such a wonderful treat we really did not want it to end.

   Eventually I got everybody dropped off and it was late when I got back home. My husband helped me unload all my goodies and was real good about all the funky old stuff I got till he saw the shutters. He gave me one of those ‘you PAID money for this’ looks. I told him yeah, aren’t they cool. But he smiled and knew the best treasure of the day was the time spent with good frineds.

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