LoCal CrAftSmAn

These lighted houses are brand new and I LOVE them. Three prim houses in rustic colors all together with a star and wreath. BUT.. I got the last two, they are not going to make any more.. and I am really wanting one for myself. Knowing  how well these will sell for us I put out my lip and pouted a bit.. but they told me they didn’t love me that much. So, if you like them as well as I do, get in here and take one home before they are gone.. or I take one.

These wood wall sconces are also a brand new item from these crafters. We have them paired with coordinating candle rings and a Grungy Battery Operated Taper. We  have already sold several of these and they only came in Wednesday. If you are not familiar with our tapers, we hand dip each one three times in beeswax and roll them in a special grubby mix to get the unique texture we have. They will last about 700 hours on 2 AA batteries and we carry them in several country prim colors.

Another new item they are introducing are these wood trenchers. We have them in several colors and they look great with seasonal potpourri and fixins in them. They are also large enough to make a nice centerpiece on a table.


Putting thinGs Back Together

2Well, the shop is still a mess.. but it is coming together. I  have moved furniture and rearranged some things. This is the red cabinet to the right inside the front door. Hard to make out in the photo, but I added a strand of the 140 Deco or Rice Lights. The lighted Church and Prim House are locally made and we are having a hard time keeping them in the shop. In the display are a couple of our newer plates and some of the nice prim fabric stars are stuck in a basket of greenery and in that metal bucket with the fern. These stars add a different texture to the floral elements and are just plain fun.

5 As you come in the front door you will see this. A nice rusty watering can with this festive fern poking out of the top. More rusty pails and an assortment of pansies and berry picks are stuck in them for color. Add a nice Barn Red Star for contrast and you have a nice arrangement for a front porch.

4This black cabinet also got a makeover. It was pulled out of the corner and put flat along the wall. Another lighted Prim House is on the top with some lush ivy spilling out over a basket. Some nice pictures of herbs and a few plates and crocks round out the display.

6This is in my Spoon Carved hutch. It has a nice light inside and it shows off anything burgundy very well. This time, I decided to change out the burgundies and add something different. This rustic pot on the left is cool.. dark and great texture. The pocket star has a pip-berry pick stuck in and it is in front of a nice, colorful plate I use as a backdrop to a lot of things because it has so many colors in it. The little blue crock is hand made and the fabric bird is added for whimsy.

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The Dust is Settling

img_0129_2Well, things are finally getting back together at the shop. I moved the white Hoosier type hutch over into the corner and moved this little drop leaf table in next to it. I added a little primitive bench and put a cute Spring birdhouse on top. Added a nice mat hand made by a local Amish man and put some hyacinths under glass. A basket with greenery fills out the back and 2 fluffy yellow ducks are added for color.

img_0128_2Here’s the Hoosier.. angled back into the corner. A wreath stand with a nice twiggy wreath and one of our new, hand made in Kenton, lighted houses adorn the top. We still have the easy to fix dip mixes in the top. The shop favorite is Beer Cheese. My favorite is the Lemon Cheesecake. I pretty much like cheesecake plain.. but I tried this at market and fell in love. When I brought it home my stepson and a friend tore into it and got almost done before they realized it wasn’t ‘regular’ cheesecake. But they loved it.. according to the empty pan.

img_0131_2Nothing fancy here. But I love this chair. My personal favorite way  to decorate an old chair like this is to set a rustic basket with some greenery on it. Something hanging over the side of the basket to soften it up and enable you to see the back of the chair. I had a muted ivy and some soft, pastel hydrangeas on it once and almost took it home I liked it so well. Old chairs can often be found for just a few dollars and they are a unique way to add a little something special to a corner or narrow wall space.

img_0134_2This cabinet I drug around the corner and put the cookbooks and party napkins in. Have some friends coming over? Get these cute primitive dinner and cocktail napkins to bring your prim flair to the party. The cookbooks are those really neat brownie/cookie in a jar type of recipes. These cookbooks are nice to have on hand to whip up tasty gifts for birthdays, holidays or even to say your just thinking of someone. I’ve always enjoyed the ones I received and remembered the giver when I was enjoying the tasty treat. We also have a nice selection of the Gooseberry  Cookbooks. My favorite is the slow cooker one. Always nice to come home to dinner already made.


All this activity and there is still always more to do. I now need to sit down and get some things ordered. Next Monday I am planning a trip to the cash and carry so will have some new Spring goodies then.

Me too Bruce… me too!

Primitive Houses

shop-pics-0591Here they are.. the promised pictures. These are the hand made primitive houses we got in last week. All of them are lighted. Here are a few pictures. I put several of them in the front

shop-pics-052window and they look great. One of my favorites is the large wide one in a dark green color. It is the only green house we got in. Another favorite is the church. We got a half dozen of the Churches and several of each of the other sizes scattered through out the shop now. I don’t have any pictures of the barn red color… but that color is also available.


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