Happy Valentines Day

I hope everyone is having a special day today!! The shop has been busy with men.. doing some last minute shopping for their Sweethearts. Of course, I am still getting new items out and rearranging things.

The March/April issue of Early American Life is in. With more articles than advertising, this magazine is a real treat if you love prim and colonial decor.

We also are finally getting out the floral stuff we got at Market back in January. Nice candle rings with the mixed berries and rusty stars, they have some brighter colors than what I have seen in the past. Sage green, various shades of brown and a nice antique red. these will look especially nice around the Thompson Candles we are expecting in next month.

The Candle Room is still undergoing change. We are adding several more Reed Diffuser fragrance oils as many of you have asked for more selection. At any time, if you don’t see a fragrance in the diffuser oils that we have in the melts or candle.. just ask and we will make it up for you. It takes seconds to make them so we can easily accommodate these requests.

Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter!! You will receive a thank you coupon to get one of our candles for only $10.00. These candles burn approx 115 hours and regularly sell for $16.00. Then, you will receive our February newsletter to get 10% off any of our Hearthside Plates. After that, every month you will receive a newsletter only special. Pass the signup info to your friends so they can take advantage of the sweet deals too.

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Monday Musings

Today is my day off.. sorta. As I sit here typing, Bruce is chewing on my hand trying to get me to play with him. Hopefully he’ll settle down and tak a nap. He’s been running around the house all morning. Me.. I’ve been working on ‘computer stuff’. I have signed  up to do some email newsletters and have been designing the email format. With that comes a bunch of test emails to make sure everything is working.. the links, the spelling and the delivery.  We are going this route to keep our customers informed about new items and special events. As I look back at the thousands of dollars I spent in advertising last year, and know that many people missed things because they did not read the papers, I am going to do things differently this year.

Because I hate my inbox filling up with junk.. I want a timely letter that has information you will be interested in. We will showcase new arrivials at the shop and have something special every month only for newsletter subscribers. You can sign up here:

Sign up for our Email Newsletter


It is my desire to make sure every one that is interested knows about the promotions at the shop. In addition to the emails, we will also send out postcards informing everybody about our events. There is a definate preference for the ‘snail mail’ over email in my customers.. but for shop updates, the email is going to be the only medium. The bonus with the emails is a coupon good for a special promotion that month.

I was up waaay too late this morning making some changes to the web site as well. Adding the signup link, rearranging some of the boxes and adding an About Us page. There is still a lot of work to be done on the site.. pictures need to be taken and uploaded. There are still things I want to get added, like a section featuring the artists and their crafts that we have at the shop. I finally have items, from a talented couple that I have done shows with for years, in my shop. More on that in a bit.. I also want to feature the homes of my customers. I’m still not sure how to do it, but pictures of their houses and decorating would be a nice addition to the site.

Now, about those new items.. Cindy and Frank are professional crafters from Kenton. We met at the shows and their booth is always very busy. They do some really neat country/prim things and I have wanted their items in the shop for a while. The bright spot of all this winter cold and drabness is the primitive lit houses they brought by last week. I will get some pictures and get them up for you to see. I have the most adorable Church, several houses in tall and wide configurations.. and they are all lit. I am working on getting some of them in the front window of the shop. The houses are in nice prim type colors of cream, mustard and red, and I have a really nice large green house that I am partial to.

So, a day off for me is not always a day off. I did get to sleep in a bit [ nice after the long hours last night ] and am still in my jammies, but I also have floors to clean and labels for candles to print. I also have a meeting in town with the other downtown merchants to discuss upcoming events for the year. So, I guess I’d better get off this computer and get after it.

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