LoCal CrAftSmAn

These lighted houses are brand new and I LOVE them. Three prim houses in rustic colors all together with a star and wreath. BUT.. I got the last two, they are not going to make any more.. and I am really wanting one for myself. Knowing  how well these will sell for us I put out my lip and pouted a bit.. but they told me they didn’t love me that much. So, if you like them as well as I do, get in here and take one home before they are gone.. or I take one.

These wood wall sconces are also a brand new item from these crafters. We have them paired with coordinating candle rings and a Grungy Battery Operated Taper. We  have already sold several of these and they only came in Wednesday. If you are not familiar with our tapers, we hand dip each one three times in beeswax and roll them in a special grubby mix to get the unique texture we have. They will last about 700 hours on 2 AA batteries and we carry them in several country prim colors.

Another new item they are introducing are these wood trenchers. We have them in several colors and they look great with seasonal potpourri and fixins in them. They are also large enough to make a nice centerpiece on a table.

EaStEaR Eggs on ThE CoUrThouSe LaWn

The day started off sunny and beautiful.. but a breeze brought in a few clouds. It looks like we have some rain coming. But not before the kids got to enjoy an Easter Egg hunt on the lawn of our Courthouse. We could hear lots of excited screams as the children discovered eggs. It was nice to see so many people turn out for the fun event.

We have gotten some Mad Scientist time to create a new product. We have sold tons of our Battery Operated LED Taper Candles so we know you like the look. But, with our being in Shipshewana in an unconditioned building this summer, we are looking for a grubby concoction that will not melt. We have finally come up with a process and have applied it to not only the battery tapers, but electric candles as well. Check out our new light. The boxes are made by a local Amish man and we finish them here ourselves. The candle has our new grungy finish. We are planning to make these several colors. Check them out while you are here.

All the excitement and kids have kept Bruce busy today. Here he is catching a cat nap.. but notice he is right by the door so as not to miss anybody. He takes being the official Greeter very seriously.

Lighted Willow Branches

These lighted branches are HOT! There is a lot of buzz about these right now and they are getting hard to get as they are getting backordered because of their popularity. We have had these in and only have a few left. We are reordering more today.

 This great innovation is a fantastic way to add light to floral or twig arrangements without the hassle of dealing with an electric cord. You can also add them as light spray accents in trees. There are 20 lights on the branch and they give off a cool white light which has a slight blue hue. Branch is 17 inches long and requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

We are also getting in on some advance ordering for some branches that will have more of a warmer cast to the lighting instead of the bluish one these branches have. We do not look to have them in any earlier than May right now.

We will have a tall one at 39″ as well as a smaller one at 19″. Be sure to get some of these for yourself. the demand is high and supplies may be limited for most of the year.

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NeW iTemS for ThE HoliDaYs

Gift Card Holder
Gift Card Holder

We are starting to put out our Christmas items that have been arriving the last few months. We have several ornaments and  these little guys are not only cute on a tree, they are an adorable way to give a gift card, especially one of ours, to your Country or Primitive loving friends and family.

Snowman Ornaments
Snowman Ornaments

Another Primitive Snowman ornament are these two. They come as a pair and have a wonderful grungy look that will complement any tree, especially the German Twig Trees so popular in Country homes.

santa 2Even Santa has a nice grungy Prim look with these ornaments. Our Santas are a good size and I can see them hanging  in several places around a home as well as your tree. I am looking for unique places for them around the shop and will get some more pictures when I start putting things together.
Gold Flecked Tree
Gold Flecked Tree

These pictures do not do these little trees justice! Instead of a bright green typically found in Christmas trees, they are a neat olive color and are dusted with a gold glitter that just makes them something you HAVE to have this year. I bought the last three of these and am seriously considering keeping one for myself. They are about 2 to 2 1/2 feet tall and have little pinecones on the branches and are nestled in a primitive finished pot.

tree 3A close look at the branches and you can barely see the sparkle of the glitter. These trees look fine on their own  or add a few small prim ornaments or a small strand of rice lights for even more impact.


treen11Finding old, timeworn pieces to decorate your home is not easy. Hand hewn wood bowls and trays look so nice in primitive decor. But finding these Treen pieces in good shape takes time and work.. and then paying for them is another matter. So unless  you want to become a collector.. what can you do?

treen2 Treen includes a wide variety of objects mostly associated with tableware, the kitchen, games, personal adornment, and toilet articles. To get that rustic look of the old wood Treen pieces, try our resin reproductions. Molds are made from original Treen so you get every mark from creating to well worn use. Above is a nice shallow tray. I’ve used pieces like that for candles with potpourri or a bit of berry garland or flip the piece on it’s side and use in the back of a hutch to show off another unique item that is place in front of it.

The second picture is a pantry bowl. It even has the metal bands like the original. Not shown are some square angled bowls that also have this metal banding. I’ve just started to play with these pieces so we are still discovering ways to display them.


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New Crocks and Rusty Pails

crock4We got lots of new things finally out on the floor. I like  crocks. I have bought a few old ones at auction with the intention of selling them at the shop.. but I can’t bring myself to part with them. So I pick up interesting pottery when I find it. This jug is really  nice. It is hand made and hand painted.

crock1These little jugs are awfully cute! Only about 4″ tall, they too are hand made and painted. This style pottery also comes in variouse other jugs and also come nice candle holders.

crock3I got a few like this too. This guy has a handle. I also got one that has a a lid and several others in various sizes. these pieces are also hand made and painted so not two are exactly alike. They are very rough and rustic looking.


Something else I really like are rusty things. I picked up lots of rusty buckets on my buying trip. They are great around the shop to display things.. but around the house  greenery or even a rustic candle and some berries are a nice way to use them.

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Shelves and Textiles

berry-n-twigsThis is the new pattern we have in place mats and curtains. It is called Berry N Twigs. The curtains come in swags and tiers and we also have a nice table runner to go with the place mats.shelf1

Our plates are always popular. I have been asked for other ways to display them beside the plate stands we carry. For the larger plates, we offer several nice hanging iron racks.shelf_2 At the Cash and Carry I found this adorable black plate rack that will hold three 6″ plates horizontally. The finish on the rack is a nice bumpy prim texture that shows off our plates. Here the shelf rack is shown with three of our newer Hearthside plates.

shelf-2aAnother new addition is this shelf. This piece  has a nice, Colonial feel to it. It is  burgundy colored and has a combed texture to the paint. Those screws are for hanging on the wall.. and I can’t wait to get this piece out.

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Buckets and Bunnies

bucket_1Well, we have quite a few new items. I have taken some pictures as I am pricing things so they are not displayed like they will be when I have  a few minutes to put them out in the displays in the shop.

Since I love rusty buckets, I picked up some new shapes. This bucket is squat and the handles add a nice touch. I may add a rustic candle and candle ring or some greenery.. will see when I start putting things out.

pantry-bucketIt’s odd how things can sit at the shop for a while then start flying out the door. We had several nice Treen pieces that I enjoyed putting in displays and suddenly, they all disappeared. So, I picked up several more new pieces. This is a pantry bowl. We also have some other nice bowls, trays and troughs. These pieces are nice for displaying grubby candles, potpourri and fixins.

bunny_1I know we were out of town and missed Easter. But these bunnies are real cute. We will have them out probably till the end of the month then put them away for next year.

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Road Trip

33009-029_2Today we made a road trip to the Cash and Carry. As you can see.. we got a BUNCH of new stuff! I wasn’t sure I’d have room for everything.. and I could only get a 48″ star instead of the 52″ I wanted.. but there are lots of goodies in there.

I love twig wreaths and I picked up three new ones. Really rustic and great on their own.. they also can have picks of color inserted to change with the seasons.

019_2I also picked up a few bunnies and lots of variegated ivies. Ivy picks and garlands do a nice job of adding  soft touch to areas in your decor. This ivy hanging over the edge of the hutch brings a warmth and softness that the other decor items do not. We have a nice muted ivy and another that has green, gold and burgundy mixed throughout the leaves. Both are real favorites at the shop and this time I found a deeper green colored ivy that will bring a different color and depth to decorating. When we get everything received in and start putting things out.. I will get some pictures of this new ivy.

We also got some nice pottery pieces. They will look great with some floral picks or greenery.. maybe some rusty stars added in too. Another item we stocked back up on are baskets. They too look nice with greenery or some berry picks. We got some for hanging on the wall as a few for just sitting around. I also got a few rustic Easter baskets that I’m going to put some greenery and eggs in.

There are lots more I can tell youi about but I’m going to get some sleep and get some pictures so I can show you too.

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Technical Difficulties

Ya just got to love technology! I have spent most of today trying to get some pictures uploaded so I can send out the March newsletter. Grrr! Not sure what the problem is [do we ever??] but photos keep returning an error. I’ve reset my router and my modem. Trouble must be on their web site or servers. At least one can hope. The newsletter is ready except for the pictures. Sorry for the delay.. it will be sent as soon as I get the pictures uploaded. If you are not currently a Newsletter Subscriber you can join HERE.

thompson1Friday I got a call from Thompson Candles. They are set to ship and we are expecting to get our grubby pillars this week. Look for delicious fragrances like Snickerdoodle, Pumpkin Pie and Apple Dumpling. While at Market this past January, I spent a lot of time checking out and sniffing the candles offered for shops. We wanted a nice, cake type pillar that would look great sitting around the house, but we also wanted a candle that would burn well if you chose to light it. We were very happy to find these and sooo look forward to getting these in the shop. The Candle Room is coming together. On the horizon for new candle scents this month are Glazed Baklava, Cinnamon Frosting, Sugar Cookie [finally] and Lemon Pound Cake. We are about half way through testing these and they all are really good. My favorites so far is the Glazed Baklava. Have it burning here in the living room at home where I’m working. One I am looking forward to testing is the Fruit Loops. It really smells nice.. refreshing after all the Cinnamons we tested coming into the holidays.

 We are still dipping tapers. We have the Brown, Mustard, Burgundy and Gold done and out in the shop. Still to do are the Red, Country Blue, Sage and maybe the Cream. These tapers will be featured in an ad in the June/July issue of Country Sampler. We look forward to these being as big a hit Nationally as they are here locally. I know I have to get pictures of these, as well as many other things, posted on Our Web Site. We have a new camera coming so that should make the job a bit easier. My current camera is old enough to be a bit difficult when taking the types of shots I need for products. Got to get a light table set up in the back and just spend an afternoon taking pictures. After that comes the fun part of resizing the pics for use on the web. Also on my to do list this month is get a header on the web site. With the national ad coming out, there will be a web snapshot done and that front page needs to be finished. Speaking of pictures.. need to try and get those pictures uploaded to the newsletter.

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