LoCal CrAftSmAn

These lighted houses are brand new and I LOVE them. Three prim houses in rustic colors all together with a star and wreath. BUT.. I got the last two, they are not going to make any more.. and I am really wanting one for myself. Knowing  how well these will sell for us I put out my lip and pouted a bit.. but they told me they didn’t love me that much. So, if you like them as well as I do, get in here and take one home before they are gone.. or I take one.

These wood wall sconces are also a brand new item from these crafters. We have them paired with coordinating candle rings and a Grungy Battery Operated Taper. We  have already sold several of these and they only came in Wednesday. If you are not familiar with our tapers, we hand dip each one three times in beeswax and roll them in a special grubby mix to get the unique texture we have. They will last about 700 hours on 2 AA batteries and we carry them in several country prim colors.

Another new item they are introducing are these wood trenchers. We have them in several colors and they look great with seasonal potpourri and fixins in them. They are also large enough to make a nice centerpiece on a table.


EaStEaR Eggs on ThE CoUrThouSe LaWn

The day started off sunny and beautiful.. but a breeze brought in a few clouds. It looks like we have some rain coming. But not before the kids got to enjoy an Easter Egg hunt on the lawn of our Courthouse. We could hear lots of excited screams as the children discovered eggs. It was nice to see so many people turn out for the fun event.

We have gotten some Mad Scientist time to create a new product. We have sold tons of our Battery Operated LED Taper Candles so we know you like the look. But, with our being in Shipshewana in an unconditioned building this summer, we are looking for a grubby concoction that will not melt. We have finally come up with a process and have applied it to not only the battery tapers, but electric candles as well. Check out our new light. The boxes are made by a local Amish man and we finish them here ourselves. The candle has our new grungy finish. We are planning to make these several colors. Check them out while you are here.

All the excitement and kids have kept Bruce busy today. Here he is catching a cat nap.. but notice he is right by the door so as not to miss anybody. He takes being the official Greeter very seriously.

Lighted Willow Branches

These lighted branches are HOT! There is a lot of buzz about these right now and they are getting hard to get as they are getting backordered because of their popularity. We have had these in and only have a few left. We are reordering more today.

 This great innovation is a fantastic way to add light to floral or twig arrangements without the hassle of dealing with an electric cord. You can also add them as light spray accents in trees. There are 20 lights on the branch and they give off a cool white light which has a slight blue hue. Branch is 17 inches long and requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

We are also getting in on some advance ordering for some branches that will have more of a warmer cast to the lighting instead of the bluish one these branches have. We do not look to have them in any earlier than May right now.

We will have a tall one at 39″ as well as a smaller one at 19″. Be sure to get some of these for yourself. the demand is high and supplies may be limited for most of the year.

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Prim Electric Sconces

Tin Sconce - ElectricI have a pair of these tin sconces that were a special order and have not been picked up. Sooo, I am offering them at 30% off the retail price to get them gone. They are hand made  here in Ohio by Katie’s Light House. They are also electric and would be nice framing a mantle in a living room or a bathroom mirror. Many of the older homes in the area already have sconces.. switch over to these and add a nice country touch to your home.

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Variety.. the Spice of Life

I like to get a lot of bang for my decorating dollar. Soo, I look for pieces that I can change with the Seasons.. or my moods. Big bowls and our Lighted Twig Garland are two of my favorite items right now. Large bowls or troughs look great with candles and candle rings, potpourri, yarn balls, bells at Christmas time.. and the list can go on. And the garlands.. well, I like them in just about anything that will hold them.

40This is one of our nice, heavy pieces of Treen to which we have added a variegated ivy pick and a lighted twig ball garland. It lights up this corner of the house in a unique way. These twig ball garlands are very versatile.. you can put them in crocks, Treen pieces and large pots.


On the last post you saw one of the smaller Barn Star wall pockets with a pip berry pick stuck in it. Here is the largest one with some of the muted green and cream ivy and some orange pip berries stuck inside it. These stars give you a nice base to change out over the seasons with different floral elements. This one is transitioning from Summer into Fall colors with the splash of orange. Add a gourd pick to make a real statement in the Fall and change it all out and put in some pine boughs and cones for the holidays. I have one of these with the multicolor variegated ivy in my kitchen.

005-2I know, I know.. it doesn’t seem very versatile. BUT.. these German Twig Trees are the Primitive Ficus. After the holidays, put away all the ornaments and decorate the tree in something seasonal. Grungy, fabric hearts and red bows for Valentines Day, print out pictures of your family and tie them to the tree with some homespun for Mother’s Day, or red, white and blue felt stars for the Fourth of July. Coming into Fall try some orange and purple lights and some grungy cheesecloth ghosts. Best of all, come August, we are going to offer a pre-buy on these trees. If  you place an order and a deposit by the first of September, you will get a discount and untill the end of November to pick it up. I’m still working out the details but I will keep you posted.

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Light Up thE Night


We carry some nice lighting by Katies Lighthouse. For almost forty years they have taken pride in hand-crafting the best colonial lighting in America. Their skilled craftsmen build, finish and inspect each of their products by hand. We can custom order any heirloom-worthy piece of art for you to have in your home.










If you love decorating in Country/prim.. you just can’t have a plain ole Wal-Mart night light. Especially when you can have one of these. We actually offer several nice styles, including an outhouse, that will make  a walk in the dark a pleasure in itself. And of course, we have replacement bulbs for all these fixtures. Just for fun, when you replace one of these bulbs, try one of our Flickering Night Light Bulbs. They are incredible, especially in the lantern styles.

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Findlay Show

spring-09-5After setting up in the rain, Saturday dawned cool but rain free. All in all it was a wonderful day for a craft show. And, as ready as I thought I was, I still wasn’t ready for all the Early Bird shoppers that arrived before the show ‘officially’ opened. Business was brisk even before I was totally set up. I got to see many regulars as well as lots of new faces. Although I now have a shop, this show is just too much fun to miss.

spring-09-6Brand new for the show and the shop are some silicone dipped light bulbs. Each one is hand dipped here in Ohio and in addition to great primitive colors, are all fragrant. My favorites are the Cinnamon and the Praline. We also have Clove, Butterscotch and Coffee. Each package contains two bulbs and refresher oil.

By the same company are the popular mini Rice Lights with each bulb hand dipped in silicone. The 140 light strands are awsome!! We sold lots of these in 20, 50 and the 140 light strands. We also sold quite a few of the Primitive Potpourri Treen Trays. These trays are oval treen trays with a strand of the 20 mini lights and filled with a scented primitive potpourri mix. These are really cool and come in black, red and mustard.

img_0255_2Another big seller were the Grubby Tapers. We had the tapers, a variety of candle rings and several candle pans so people could mix and match to create their own unique accent light. Brown was the favorite color closely followed by burgundy. Look for our ad for these in Country Sampler this month.

We also sold lots of candles. Surprisingly, the ever popular Buckeye was not the favorite. Our new Snickerdoodle came out on top with Cinnamon Latte and Peony not far behind. Now that things are settling down we will get back into more fragrance testing.

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More Rearranging

img_0119_2This old hutch is really neat. It is beat up and the doors are in pieces in the back of the shop. It is rather deep so I often have a difficult time showing off items I put on the shelves.

img_0120_2Though difficult to see in the picture.. I took one of my 140 bulb Deco Rice Light sets and wove it behind things on the top two shelves then ran them through the garland on top. I have had more people want the lighted garland since I did this. Though the Deco 140 lights are a bit much for the garland alone, we do carry a smaller Deco 35 light strand that would be perfect for adding that touch of light to a garland draped like this one.

img_0122_2Here are some of our Grubby  Battery Tapers. This is a nice, heavy candle pan with a colonial finish. The colonial finish is a very dark brownish black.. not the flat black many of them come in. We added some color coordinating candle rings then a fun little sign. These tapers are lit.. a bit difficult to see in the picture.. but they are a warm orangish yellow and have a gentle flicker to them.

img_0126_2OK.. I absolutely love, love, love these lighted balls! Again, difficult to see in the picture, each of these 10 twig balls have a little light in them. Are they not awesome in this treen bowl? They also looked great in an old, cast iron pot I had them in around Christmas time. I had 6 of these before Christmas and they were gone in 2 days. I got a dozen this time and once again, they are moving out quickly. I can think of lots of cool primitive containers for them.. baskets, bowls, pots, crocks.. you will find many delightful places for them as well. When you do.. send me a picture so I can post it here.

Back to Work

We are finally feeling better.. not 100% but heading the right direction. We have got taxes done and now have more time to get some things done around the shop.

img_0078I don’t have anything new this week to show you and what is coming in are re-orders on our silicone dipped light bulbs and 50 light strands with the brown cords. Also coming in next week are the squatty silicone dipped bulbs with the standard light bulb sized socket. Those squatty bulbs combined with our glass jar and primitive fixings makes a really nice accent on a table. Expect those bulbs back in stock the end of next week. With the squatty bulbs will be some new sizes in light bulbs as well.

img_0081Lighting is such a hot trend right now. Light bulbs, lamps, window lamps, accent lights and night lights are constantly going out the door of the shop. Nothing makes a house feel like home more than warm and cozy lighting. This canister light can be customized with a candle ring of you choice and makes a delightful piece in any room.  This item is another best seller here at the shop.

img_0088Finally, a picture of our Battery Operated Tapers. We hand dip the tapers 3 times in Beeswax and roll them in a special primitive grubby mix. These tapers will run 700 hours on 2 AA batteries. From left to right the colors are: Burgundy, Gold, Mustard, Brown, Sage and Cream. We also do a Barn Red and a Navy.. but we still need to get those dipped.

8127381Mid month we are expecting the shipment of Mini Revere Wax Warmers. For smaller spaces these warmers are just the thing being only 3½” diameter and 7½” tall. Able to melt any full size 1 oz melts as quickly as the bigger warmers, they quickly throw scent into your home. And, becuase of the punched patterns, they offer that cozy lighting we all desire in our homes today. Don’t forget we offer over 90 fragrances in our Melts and Candles and we are working towards offering 150 different and unique fragrances in our products.

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Under the Weather

sickAfter pouring candles Monday, my throat was scratchy. Not unusual when dealing with fragrances. However, woke up the next day with a sore throat and stuffy nose. Now, today, I just flat out don’t feel well. I am getting around to go to the shop, but will be a bit late. Being sick when you are the only one working is not good.

On a good note, the Thompson Candle Pillars are here and going out. Those should all be out today. Yesterday I ordered some more lighting. We sold the last double pack of silicone bulbs and were out of the 50 light strands on brown cords. Both of these should be back in the shop mid next week. Many of the signs and prints we got in in January are also gone. I will look into reordering or possibly going to market again to get more.

We will be closed next Tuesday. My son will be flying to Texas to spend some time with his Dad. Home schooling has really been a blessing in this area. Before, Reno only got a few days here and there around the holidays, then summer break with his Dad. Now, he gets to go for longer periods of time, and never has to go longer than 2.5 months before seeing him again. It also has made his Dad responsible for his education. He had to stop being just a good time and be part of raising his son. The entire situation has been beneficial for everyone.

This trip we added an extra week to the time he stays in Texas. My parents are about 6 hours South of my ex-husband. With my father having a diagnosis of multiple myeloma, we are looking to get some extra time with them as well. They will be able to get some time with their Grandson with out taking time away from the father. Again, regular schooling would not allow this type of freedom. I too am planning more time with my parents. We usually take a vacation in June, but will possibly put that off until July. We will also be making a trip to Nebraska at the end of August to celebrate my Grandmothers 90th birthday. It will be a surprise.. good thing she has a good heart.

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