In like a Lion..

02120005Well, the sun is finally out after all that wind yesterday and last night. It looks like things are calming down outside. We had50 mph winds and supposed gusts close to 65 mph. We have some siding under the eave of the house coming loose and a lot of branches down.. but everything else seems OK. I am always amazed at the winds we get up here in Ohio and the houses that withstand them. You can actually feel those gusts hit the house. As you can see.. Bruce is hanging out by the font door waiting for his people.. and the sun beam that will be pouring in soon.02120002

While I was getting ready to come in this morning, I got a call from the coffee shop down at the end of my side of the street. Seems there was a lot of roofing material strewn down the sidewalk on our street. Sara wanted to give me a heads up to check my roof when I got to the shop. A city work crew was cleaning it up, so that was nice to know to look for damage before the rain comes. On the way in I called the previous owner of my building to inquire about my roof.. and the roof next door as he still owns that building. I was comforted to know both roofs were metal, so the debris was probably not mine. When I got to town I found out the roof belonged to the Aston building.. the one with the black awning in the picture. Seems like they lost about 1/3 of their roof. If  you go to the end of the block and look at the bank catty corner to us their sign has blown off and is halfway up the North side of the street. [We are on the West side of the courthouse] What a mess! I’m sure as the day progresses we will discover more damage to these old buildings. The hurricane last year broke and upstairs window at the shop, so we need to get up there later today and make sure all is well.

02120020My son is starting his day off with a test. Home schooling has been good for him.. but keeping him focused at times is a challenge. Especially when it comes to writing an essay.

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