Pepper Grass, Benches and Scraps..

I am a bit bored with some of the florals I have and seems my regular place to get them does not carry the selection it used to. Sooo, I am on a hunt for a new vendor with some exciting selections. Around the shop you will notice I carry more than just pip berries.. I like a wide variety and like some unusual stuff.. everything from coleus and dusty miller to wild grassy picks.

This rustic looking floral is Pepper Grass and I am loving it in just about anything I put it in. It is a neat color.. going with the traditional burgundy, mustard and brown.. and also with some of the new reds and sage greens we are seeing. I have it in rusty pots and here it is in an old kettle.

These little Deacon Benches are back in stock and are a nice way to add some height to an arrangement. Made with pine that has a  medium stain and a rusty star, they go with just about anything.

No matter how careful you are making candles and melts.. some wax always ends up on the counter. Usually, we scrape it off and that is what I use at the house in my warmers. But, I have been burning some candles and have decided to try something new. Now we are bagging our scraps and selling them for .50 an ounce. Our regular melts are $1 per ounce, so you are getting your wax at half the price. There is no telling what you will get.. but that is half the fun. So, while we have it, come try an assorted bag of scraps and enjoy fragrance at an unbeatable price.

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We Offer the Largest..

.. selection of candle and melt fragrances anywhere in Ohio. Each and every Northern Lights Candle and Melt is made right here in the back of the shop. As candle makers we have always offered a large selection, but now, with over 100 fragrances, we offer more than you will get any where else in the state. Each of our candles has been designed to be burned 6-10 hours a day without getting a large flame and each one MUST be highly fragrant. Out testing ground is the store and the testers are those who come in to shop our decor items. We listen to hear comments about different fragrances burning through out the shop. Those fragrances that repeatedly cause comments are added to our line when testing is done.

Each month we have a half dozen new fragrances to try out. How long does testing last? At the shop we burn 7-8 hours a day. Burning every day, 5 days a week, it will take us about a month to completely burn a test candle down for evaluation. Our candles easily go 115 hours total which is great for you.. but makes the testing phase take time. When a  fragrance is deemed worthy to be added, we order in the fragrance oils in and get busy making the candles and melts. Total time from start to finish is about 5 weeks.

With 100 fragrances you would think we have enough. But I love fragrance, and I have the ability to display 154 unique candle fragrances in my candle room. So, that is the number we are headed for. Do you have a favorite you would like to see us carry? Post it here or stop by and suggest it. Suggestions we are currently looking for are Cherry Lemonade and Vanilla Lime.

New Candle Fragrances

IMG_0181_2We have added a new candle fragrance called Harvest. It is a duplication of Yankee’s popular spiced Fall fragrance. The fragrance is a spicy blend of cinnamon bark and clove bud on a dry down of musk. We have gotten quite a few comments on the tester and so have the Antique Jar candles added and the melts will be soon to follow.

Two new candle testers are Pecan Pralines and 7up Cake. We just started them today so too  new to tell. A favorite of mine that I have had burning for a week now is a Lavender/coconut/cream mix. It is really nice and a welcome change from all the cinnamnons we have burned in the last few months.

Amish Harvest has been added to both candles and melts and it is going out the door as fast as I get it made. With the cooler weather and everybody heading indoors, a cozy and fragrant home becomes more important. If you have never tried one of our candles, now is the time to get one. Each one is designed to burn all day.. 6 to 10 hours without having to trim the wick. And, the average burn time on these candles is 115 hours. For us at the shop that is burning them 5 days a week, 8 hours a day and a good month to get them done. To make getting one of our candle even better, sign up for our monthly Newsletter and get a coupon for one of our candles for only $10.

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New Fragrances

We have just added some new fragrances to our Melts and Antique Jar Candles.

In our melts today we added Bamboo Sugar CaneApple Fritter,  Orange Vanilla, Sandalwood Vanilla and Bitter Sweet.

New in the Antique Jar Candles is Sandalwood Vanilla, Brown Sugar Spice and Orange Danish.

Currently being tested are Plum Crazee, Botanical Orchard, a new Fresh Linen, Cotton Candy, Pink Cupcake and Blackberry Sage.

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Reed Diffusers

022100281With the changes in the Candle Room, we are enlarging our selection of Reed Diffuser Oils. We mix these super strong and if you don’t see your favorite oil on the shelf, we can make up your favorite fragrance in these oils in just a few seconds.

Reed Diffusers are really nice ‘Personal Area’ fragrancers. In a bathroom, on a desk.. these are just the trick. For scenting larger rooms, the candles or melts are a better choice. To get the best performance from the sticks, follow these guidelines:

  • Never mix fragrances on one set of reeds. They can not be made rid of the previous scent and over time, they do lose their ability to wick fragrance. The reeds are not expensive so replace the reeds when you replace the fragrance oils.
  • Flip the reeds end over end on a regular basis. Flipping the reeds encourages the wicked oil to travel in another direction and gives better disbursement of your scent. Once a week is good.. but they can be done every couple of weeks.
  • Be VERY careful with the fragrance oils. Most women have accidentally removed furniture finish with nail polish remover somewhere in their lives. These fragrances are no different. They are caustic and will eat the finish off most things. I recommend pouring the fragrance oil into the display container over the sink. That way you can set the empty bottle down in the sink and any drips will not cause damage.

The industry standard life for this product is about a month. Here around the shop we tend to get a few months out of them. Like candles and melts, they add another dimension of fragrancing your home.

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