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Kenton is such a wonderful place. The area has a rich history, people are friendly, the architecture of the old buildings is interesting and the miles of farmland encourages one to slow down and relax a bit. Our shop is located downtown on the square in the Historic Courthouse District. When I came to Kenton 5 years ago, not much was happening on the square. Now we have several interesting and thriving businesses and upper floors are being converted into living space. I see downtown Kenton a real happening place in a few years.

Kenton is also home to some very talented local artists. I am very fortunate to have several of these artists as friends. Sycamore Circle Heritage Farms produces hand-made herbal soaps with herbs they grow on their farm. Their family is  four generations working together on various aspects of farming. They also have a concentration on nineteenth century (or “heirloom”) herbs, apples and poultry. Sycamore Circle offers several lines.. herbal, specialty and goat milk soaps, soaps with Civil War and Victorian fragrances and their incredibly popular Foot Scrubbies and Doggie Bath line. They can be found at several markets and craft shows in Ohio, at Whole Foods and at Helen’s Gifts in downtown Kenton.

Another very talented local artist is Marilyn Reed. Her motto is “if it doesn’t move ~ Paint it!” The owner of Marilyn’s Artistry, Marilyn has painted everything from wooden bowls to murals on buildings. Kenton’s own Michael Angelos is a show case of her work. A lifelong student of the arts, she is inspired by the latest trends and colors and a master of many techniques.  At the shop we sell her hand painted furniture, candle boxes, plates and what ever else she can get a paint brush on. Right now we have a wonderful table with a checkerboard painted on top and a delightful potting bench. Be sure to check them out when you stop by.

When you do craft shows, you meet  and get to know the regular professional crafters. Over the years we have become friends with talented artists and always enjoy seeing new items they bring forth. Cindy and Frank were two crafters we enjoyed and they constantly had new items. Their booth was always attractive and full of people buying.. a nice thing to have next to your booth. And, I learned about crafting from them.. from setting up my booth to always have something new. Imagine my surprise when I found out they lived right here in Kenton! I begged and pleaded and finally have some of their items in the shop. This house is only one of their lighted houses. We have smaller, shorter and wider ones.. and they are available in mustard, burgundy and cream. Their lighted church is darling.. and the price point they offer can not be found else where. They also make a narrow shelf that we are constantly selling out of. They do not have a web site but can be found at many of the finer craft shows in Ohio. Look for them at shows we will attend.

Because we started out as crafters, we love to support other crafters. If you make a quality hand-made country prim product and would like to consign at the shop, stop by and discuss it with us. As the area grows and more tourists come through, there will be a market for locally made items. If your not ready to sell and just need some advice, also feel free to stop by. I am more than happy to share the knowledge I have picked up over the years. Who knows, someday you too may have a business on the Square.


Findlay Show

spring-09-5After setting up in the rain, Saturday dawned cool but rain free. All in all it was a wonderful day for a craft show. And, as ready as I thought I was, I still wasn’t ready for all the Early Bird shoppers that arrived before the show ‘officially’ opened. Business was brisk even before I was totally set up. I got to see many regulars as well as lots of new faces. Although I now have a shop, this show is just too much fun to miss.

spring-09-6Brand new for the show and the shop are some silicone dipped light bulbs. Each one is hand dipped here in Ohio and in addition to great primitive colors, are all fragrant. My favorites are the Cinnamon and the Praline. We also have Clove, Butterscotch and Coffee. Each package contains two bulbs and refresher oil.

By the same company are the popular mini Rice Lights with each bulb hand dipped in silicone. The 140 light strands are awsome!! We sold lots of these in 20, 50 and the 140 light strands. We also sold quite a few of the Primitive Potpourri Treen Trays. These trays are oval treen trays with a strand of the 20 mini lights and filled with a scented primitive potpourri mix. These are really cool and come in black, red and mustard.

img_0255_2Another big seller were the Grubby Tapers. We had the tapers, a variety of candle rings and several candle pans so people could mix and match to create their own unique accent light. Brown was the favorite color closely followed by burgundy. Look for our ad for these in Country Sampler this month.

We also sold lots of candles. Surprisingly, the ever popular Buckeye was not the favorite. Our new Snickerdoodle came out on top with Cinnamon Latte and Peony not far behind. Now that things are settling down we will get back into more fragrance testing.

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Findlay Craft Show

A quick reminder that we will be closed Saturday and will close early on Friday for the Findlay Show. If  you have never been to this show, it is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Over 350 crafters will be there as well as tons of good food. The show is held every year at the Hancock County Fair Grounds..  1017 E Sandusky Street in Findlay. We will be in Barn E. Come visit us at the show.

Check out the  web site to get $1 off admission coupons or pick up some for you and your Friends at the shop.

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