Catchin some Z’s

b8I took a walk down to the farmers market before we opened and when I came back, Bruce was looking like he didn’t like being left behind. He got wound up yesterday because a different UPS driver came in and got him a bit fritzed. The regular guy talks to him and pets him.. this guy just left.. and I guess Bruce was a bit put out. So, he was a bit silly all afternoon. Now today, completely out of the usual routine, he got left alone. After following me around a bit, some kids came in and he got busy playing with them. He settled into chasing his string and playing hide and seek under the cabinets with the kids. All was well with Bruce again. Then we got more kids.. the Farmer’s Market brings families to town and we get a lot of traffic because of it. And best of all, Bruce gets a lot of kids to play with.

b2Things finally setteled down in the afternoon and I got busy putting the shop back together. Poor Bruce! All the excitement today wore him out. Instead of napping in the front window.. or on my counter.. Bruce got up in the hutch facing the front door for a nap. I had a step stoole in front of it as I was changing out some stuff on the top, and Bruce just cruised up and got comfortable.

b6If you’ve been reading this blog, you know this is not his first time up here. I imagine it is pretty cozy and it still gives him a birds eye view of the front door so he doesn’t miss a thing. Most of the time he gets up here when I have something in front of the hutch to climb up on. For a shop cat he is pretty good about not getting into or onto things. More often than not he is under things so he can play with your feet as you go by.

b4The hutch isn’t quite finished yet. We are still changing things around. But for now I will let Bruce finish his Cat Nap.

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Happy Birthday

039_2Friday, April 17th, Bruce will be a year old. Since he is so much a part of the shop we have decided to throw him a Birthday party.

All day long we will have 10% off everything in the shop. If you are a newsletter subscriber you will receive a coupon to double that to 20% off everything in the shop. Not a newsletter subscriber? Join now.

33009-038_21We will also be serving Birthday cake and anyone that shows up wearing a party hat can take one of our highly scented wax melts for FREE. So don’t forget to stop by this Friday for the fun.

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