We Offer the Largest..

.. selection of candle and melt fragrances anywhere in Ohio. Each and every Northern Lights Candle and Melt is made right here in the back of the shop. As candle makers we have always offered a large selection, but now, with over 100 fragrances, we offer more than you will get any where else in the state. Each of our candles has been designed to be burned 6-10 hours a day without getting a large flame and each one MUST be highly fragrant. Out testing ground is the store and the testers are those who come in to shop our decor items. We listen to hear comments about different fragrances burning through out the shop. Those fragrances that repeatedly cause comments are added to our line when testing is done.

Each month we have a half dozen new fragrances to try out. How long does testing last? At the shop we burn 7-8 hours a day. Burning every day, 5 days a week, it will take us about a month to completely burn a test candle down for evaluation. Our candles easily go 115 hours total which is great for you.. but makes the testing phase take time. When a  fragrance is deemed worthy to be added, we order in the fragrance oils in and get busy making the candles and melts. Total time from start to finish is about 5 weeks.

With 100 fragrances you would think we have enough. But I love fragrance, and I have the ability to display 154 unique candle fragrances in my candle room. So, that is the number we are headed for. Do you have a favorite you would like to see us carry? Post it here or stop by and suggest it. Suggestions we are currently looking for are Cherry Lemonade and Vanilla Lime.

New Candle Fragrances

IMG_0181_2We have added a new candle fragrance called Harvest. It is a duplication of Yankee’s popular spiced Fall fragrance. The fragrance is a spicy blend of cinnamon bark and clove bud on a dry down of musk. We have gotten quite a few comments on the tester and so have the Antique Jar candles added and the melts will be soon to follow.

Two new candle testers are Pecan Pralines and 7up Cake. We just started them today so too  new to tell. A favorite of mine that I have had burning for a week now is a Lavender/coconut/cream mix. It is really nice and a welcome change from all the cinnamnons we have burned in the last few months.

Amish Harvest has been added to both candles and melts and it is going out the door as fast as I get it made. With the cooler weather and everybody heading indoors, a cozy and fragrant home becomes more important. If you have never tried one of our candles, now is the time to get one. Each one is designed to burn all day.. 6 to 10 hours without having to trim the wick. And, the average burn time on these candles is 115 hours. For us at the shop that is burning them 5 days a week, 8 hours a day and a good month to get them done. To make getting one of our candle even better, sign up for our monthly Newsletter and get a coupon for one of our candles for only $10.

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New Candle Fragrances

lg1_001517We are finally gettting our inventory of candle and melts back up after the Findlay show. We sold out of Buckeye, Amish Harvest and Caramel Crunch. Buckeye has been a favorite for years, but the Amish Harvest was brand new at the show. While burning the tester at the shop we got comments all month long about how great the fragrance was and when it would be ready. Amish Harvest candles and melts have been made and are ready for you to take home and enjoy.

The Caramel Crunch was a new fragrance last month and another that got lots of comments when we tested it. This fragrance is rich and decadent orange pound cake with a hefty coating of caramel. Absolutely delicious and the citrus notes are perfect for this time of year. We madef lots of melts in this to be ready for this being a new favorite.

Another new fragrance that we sold a lot of is Toasted Hazelnut. This is very warm and nutty and it has a great throw.  Other favorites at the show and around the shop are Pumpkin Crunch, Cinnamon Apple and Coffee Cake. A surprise sell out at the Findlay show was Dragon’s Blood. Not really a seasonal fragrance, it is one you either love or hate.. there is no middle ground. I’ve thought of renaming this fragrance but those that like it go out of their way to get it. I will have to make sure we bring a lot more next year when we do Findlay.

Currently burning around the shop are Harvest, Moonlit Path and Raspberry Patch. So far the Harvest and Moonlit Path are burning well and the throw for both is great. The Raspberry Patch is a Raspberry Patchouli blend that has done well in our lotions.. but the patchouli in the blend makes it very difficult to wick for a good burn. Patchouli is a very dark oil and even with the largest wicks, does not burn properly. I have found it impossible to wick in something I would sell. So this fragrance will probably only be available in melts.. like our Patchouli.

I have also poured some new ones that we will start burning next week. Look for Pecan Pralines and 7up Pound Cake when you enter the shop. We currently offer over 90 fragrances in both candles and melts and in time will offer 150 to be the largest selection of candles and melts in Ohio.

The picture at the top is one of  our Village Wax Warmers and it will quickly melt you wax tarts to fragrance you home at the same time it adds ambiance with its lighted glow.

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New Fragrances

We have just added some new fragrances to our Melts and Antique Jar Candles.

In our melts today we added Bamboo Sugar CaneApple Fritter,  Orange Vanilla, Sandalwood Vanilla and Bitter Sweet.

New in the Antique Jar Candles is Sandalwood Vanilla, Brown Sugar Spice and Orange Danish.

Currently being tested are Plum Crazee, Botanical Orchard, a new Fresh Linen, Cotton Candy, Pink Cupcake and Blackberry Sage.

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Technical Difficulties

Ya just got to love technology! I have spent most of today trying to get some pictures uploaded so I can send out the March newsletter. Grrr! Not sure what the problem is [do we ever??] but photos keep returning an error. I’ve reset my router and my modem. Trouble must be on their web site or servers. At least one can hope. The newsletter is ready except for the pictures. Sorry for the delay.. it will be sent as soon as I get the pictures uploaded. If you are not currently a Newsletter Subscriber you can join HERE.

thompson1Friday I got a call from Thompson Candles. They are set to ship and we are expecting to get our grubby pillars this week. Look for delicious fragrances like Snickerdoodle, Pumpkin Pie and Apple Dumpling. While at Market this past January, I spent a lot of time checking out and sniffing the candles offered for shops. We wanted a nice, cake type pillar that would look great sitting around the house, but we also wanted a candle that would burn well if you chose to light it. We were very happy to find these and sooo look forward to getting these in the shop. The Candle Room is coming together. On the horizon for new candle scents this month are Glazed Baklava, Cinnamon Frosting, Sugar Cookie [finally] and Lemon Pound Cake. We are about half way through testing these and they all are really good. My favorites so far is the Glazed Baklava. Have it burning here in the living room at home where I’m working. One I am looking forward to testing is the Fruit Loops. It really smells nice.. refreshing after all the Cinnamons we tested coming into the holidays.

 We are still dipping tapers. We have the Brown, Mustard, Burgundy and Gold done and out in the shop. Still to do are the Red, Country Blue, Sage and maybe the Cream. These tapers will be featured in an ad in the June/July issue of Country Sampler. We look forward to these being as big a hit Nationally as they are here locally. I know I have to get pictures of these, as well as many other things, posted on Our Web Site. We have a new camera coming so that should make the job a bit easier. My current camera is old enough to be a bit difficult when taking the types of shots I need for products. Got to get a light table set up in the back and just spend an afternoon taking pictures. After that comes the fun part of resizing the pics for use on the web. Also on my to do list this month is get a header on the web site. With the national ad coming out, there will be a web snapshot done and that front page needs to be finished. Speaking of pictures.. need to try and get those pictures uploaded to the newsletter.

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New Production

It’s been a few days so here’s an update..

Three new fragrances have been added in our Melts. Bamboo Grass , Sandalwood Vanilla and Peony. The Sandalwood Vanilla Candle has already been added to our line and the other two are expected by the end of the month. Both of these two have been burning around the shop and are a nice refreshing change to the yucky weather outside. We have received 2 Sugar Cookie samples and they will be in wax later this week. I have over 50 new fragrances to get tested so need to get busy.

Today I made lotions. Buckeye, Sandalwood Vanilla, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Honey Almond and Pink Sugar. They just need to be labeled and put out.. look for these by the end of the week. These lotions sold really well over the holidays and are still selling strong. The cold, windy weather and dryer home environments make your skin need and appreciate these lotions. Thick and rich, they have Emu  Oil to heal and soften the skin. All of our lotions are available to sample in the shop. Stop by and put some on and see how nice your skin feels hours later.

I have been playing around with my Body Butter recipe. I decreased the Cocoa Butter a bit and added more Mango Butter. The desire was to make the butter a bit softer and easier to apply. I also added Cycolmethicone as a non greasy light conditioner for the skin that leaves it soft and very silky. I came home, after rubbing the new recipe all over my skin, and asked hubby for his opinion. He agreed, soft and silky with out a grease feeling. I put a smidge on his hand and there is a definite difference from the other hand. Very smooth and soft. I will play with this a bit more before putting it into production.

Soap has finally gotten made as well. I will have Antique Lace back out for sale in about 6 weeks. This soap sold very quickly. Also made are Chocolate Amber [this is AWESOME!] and another nice one I haven’t decided on a name for yet. The unscented Goat Milk and Oats as well as another one [can’t remember right now] just need labels and they will be out for sale. These bars of soap will be a bit larger than the previous ones.. close to 6 ounces when cut and curing to about 5.5 ounces. I can’t help it.. I just like a big bar of soap.

 If you have never tried a hand made soap.. please treat yourself… you are worth it! You will be amazed at how nice your skin feels after use. No dried out skin.. the fine lines and wrinkles that mature skin gets are reduced. I have used a hand made soap on my skin for about 10 years now, and it is one of the reasons I look 10 years younger than I am. Good genetics help.. but taking care of your skin helps even more.  In my soaps I use premium oils like Shea butter, Grapeseed, Walnut and Flax oils as well as a high percentage of Olive oil. Coconut and Palm Kernel oils are used for lather.. but the common soybean and crisco.. not on my skin. They make a nice soap, but when you are making soap from scratch, why use the cheapest stuff around?? I like to be spoiled! I even use my soap to wash my hair. It leaves my hair softer and silkier than any commercial shampoo does. 

I have taken some pictures.. just haven’t off loaded them onto the computer. Will get more pics in the next few days. Time to get some sleep.

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Fragrances for January

We had a nice time in Texas visiting family and now we are back and getting busy. My goal is to offer over 150 fragrances in candles and wax melts. So, even though we have a nice selection now, we are continuing to test for more to add. Here are some of the fragrances we are currently testing:

Sandalwood Vanilla: This fragrance has been a big hit in our bath and body products and finally we have it in wax. Cold is has a very strong fragrance and the early burning is also showing that fragrance to throw well. I am excited to get this tested and added to our line as I have many people that love this scent.

Peony: This is a delightful floral that is also looking to be promising.

Buttermilk Pancakes: I just got this one poured so will give an update when we get this one burning.

Sugar Cookie: I have searched for years to get a nice sugar Cookie. This one also has been poured so need to get some burn time and update.

I have a few more that I want to get into wax and tested this month. Soon to be poured are Fruit Loops, Apricot Freesia and Grapefruit Ginger.

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