EaStEaR Eggs on ThE CoUrThouSe LaWn

The day started off sunny and beautiful.. but a breeze brought in a few clouds. It looks like we have some rain coming. But not before the kids got to enjoy an Easter Egg hunt on the lawn of our Courthouse. We could hear lots of excited screams as the children discovered eggs. It was nice to see so many people turn out for the fun event.

We have gotten some Mad Scientist time to create a new product. We have sold tons of our Battery Operated LED Taper Candles so we know you like the look. But, with our being in Shipshewana in an unconditioned building this summer, we are looking for a grubby concoction that will not melt. We have finally come up with a process and have applied it to not only the battery tapers, but electric candles as well. Check out our new light. The boxes are made by a local Amish man and we finish them here ourselves. The candle has our new grungy finish. We are planning to make these several colors. Check them out while you are here.

All the excitement and kids have kept Bruce busy today. Here he is catching a cat nap.. but notice he is right by the door so as not to miss anybody. He takes being the official Greeter very seriously.


I’m BoReD..

I am bored! I have new things set to arrive and the holiday stuff is almost put away. But I am wanting to do some new things in the shop this year and need more room.

To make that room I have placed on clearance my curtains, many of my place mats, bathroom items like shower hooks and curtains and much more. All items I am bored with are 40% off. We had a great day Saturday as many of our customers were delighted to walk in and find the bargains. Come in and get some great deals on items for your home while the selection is good.. then tell your friends so they can get some goodies too.

Christmas items are still being put away. They are boxed up but I will take half off any Christmas items still on the floor. And,  for those of you that just LOVE the German Twig Trees.. I have one left and I will take 40% off of it. These trees are the Country ficus. Add lights, and change the decorations with the seasons. Right now add some red bows and prim hearts. Then do some red, white and blue for summer. This tree will NOT last long.. and you will not find a better price on this tree.

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Open House

Finally, a moment to sit still. The shop is all rearranged and ready for Christmas. The dips have been made.. it’s going to be tough keeping my son out of the Bacon Cheddar dip tonight. Come by and get a head start on you holiday decorating and entertaining. Hope to see everybody there.

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Another YeaR

01010622Here it is September. It is Fair time and also our anniversary. On September 18th we will have been open for 2 years. It has been a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. Our downtown is growing and we have fun events like Sidewalk Sales, our Fall Fest and Christmas around the Square. In the shop we have a week long event the week before the Thanksgiving week called Hunters Widow Party. During that week we have our specialty Dip mixes made as well as delicious, hot Cider and you shoot our Big Buck of Savings for your discount. If  you land in the grass or trees, or even hit the wall,  you get a 5% discount. Better shots will get you larger discounts.. all the way up to a ‘kill’ shot worth 30% off you merchandise. It is a fun time for everybody as most of the men are in trees hunting the Hardin County bucks and the women are preparing for the holidays. You can get a head start on Christmas gifts or just add some holiday cheer to your decor at great savings during this week.

gasgasMost businesses keep stats on sales figures, weather and whatever might be related to their sales figures. We have been doing that almost from the beginning as well. Tracking weather, foot traffic and starting last year, the price of gas. Since we started a new year it required a new spread sheet. I copied the old one and began changing the figures to reflect our new year.  One thing I noticed was our gas prices a year ago were $1/gallon higher. Other September events were hurricane Ike headed to shore and around the 15th the Market crashed.

So much has happened over the last year.. good, bad, exciting and ugly. Here at the shop we are looking forward to what this next year will bring.

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Findlay Craft Show

A quick reminder that we will be closed Saturday and will close early on Friday for the Findlay Show. If  you have never been to this show, it is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Over 350 crafters will be there as well as tons of good food. The show is held every year at the Hancock County Fair Grounds..  1017 E Sandusky Street in Findlay. We will be in Barn E. Come visit us at the show.

Check out the  web site to get $1 off admission coupons or pick up some for you and your Friends at the shop.

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Happy Birthday

039_2Friday, April 17th, Bruce will be a year old. Since he is so much a part of the shop we have decided to throw him a Birthday party.

All day long we will have 10% off everything in the shop. If you are a newsletter subscriber you will receive a coupon to double that to 20% off everything in the shop. Not a newsletter subscriber? Join now.

33009-038_21We will also be serving Birthday cake and anyone that shows up wearing a party hat can take one of our highly scented wax melts for FREE. So don’t forget to stop by this Friday for the fun.

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Christmas Open House 2007

Our first Open House was the same day as the Cristmas Around the Square craft show at the Courthouse. I had done that show as a vendor with my candle company and found the turnout to be great. The Saturday after Thanksgiving finds many out starting their holiday shopping. Wanting to take advantage of the crowd that would be there for the show, we scheduled the open house for that day as well.

We carry a delightful line of dips made by Dippy Chick. I loved the name and and thought they would be a nice addition to the shop. After making several of them up, I found them to be delicious. The Open House favorites were ‘Getting Piggy Widdit’ and ‘Jump, Chive and Wail’. Getting Piggy Widdit combines the great tastes of bacon and onion. Two great tastes combined together in one yummy treat. Our other favorite,  Jump, Chive and Wail is a classic onion dip with the addition of toasted onion and chive. This dip is great with any food at any time of the year. The empty dishes tell me I’m not the only one that enjoyed them.

Another tasty treat was the cider. The Gourmet Mulling Spice mix can be added to any juice for a little spice. We added ours to a cranberry apple juice and it was incredible. It is really nice in a cup of tea as well. The lady that makes the mix says the best way to use the spices is in a cake recipe included on the package. I have yet to try it that way but will make some up for our events next year. It has been voted by QVC as one of the top 25 gourmet items in Alabama. We also carry their Origional Dip Cheeseball mix that can be quickly made for guests or munching. These gourmet items make a wonderful addition to holiday traditions as well as tasty gifts.

We opened the doors and had wall to wall people all day. There was such an excitement with people starting their holiday shopping. Many ladies mentioned they found many things they wanted for themselves while shopping for others. Hopefully they were good girls and Santa comes by to pick up their gifts. Many [25]years ago I had worked at a KMart over the Christmas holiday and it wasn’t near the fun this was. I had extra help and my son was working too. Helping at the checkout and carrying packages to the cars kept him busy all day. I think he enjoys the shop almost as much as I do.

We closed the doors and sat down for a much needed rest. The shop needed to be reworked before we opened again but we were thrilled with the success of the event. I will spend some time in the coming weeks deciding what we need to do again next year and what we need to change. Time to get a notebook.

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Fall Fest 2007

With all the long hours getting the shop ready to open, I thought once we were open things would settle down. But that would not be the case. With an opening in September we had our Fall Fest on the horizion. A Chili Contest for a local charity made the afternoon a fun event. Finding the time to plan the event and run a business turned into a challenge. Our downtown merchants were putting the event on, but they too had businesses to run. We scheduled meetings, decided what needed done then did our best to pull the event together and keep our own businesses going.

Inventory was my big issues. I wanted the shop to look full yet not be crowded. I felt my inventory at opening was a bit light so was trying to build it up. I was amazed at the amount of merchandise it was taking to get the look I wanted. I also needed more fixtures to display the items I was buying. I bought unique older pieces when I could find them and added other hand made pieces as the need developed. Every area of the shop was looked at for merchandise turnover. Some displays were better for certain types of merchandise than others. I found myself constantly looking at displays in other shops and magazines for ideas and inspiration. I had much to learn.

The day of our Fall Fest was beautiful and after a few issues with tripping breakers, we got the chili cooking. Streets had been closed off for some street dancing and the craft show. It was also the final day of our Farmers Market. Lesson learned was have lots of help! Trying to cook chili and run the store kept me busy. Though I did have some extra people there, I hadn’t got to the place of being comfortable with someone behind the register so tried to do it all. Next year the event will be planned further in advance and I have some wonderful people that not only can work the shop, but are great cooks. Not a bad combination when you are trying to win a trophy.

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