Pepper Grass, Benches and Scraps..

I am a bit bored with some of the florals I have and seems my regular place to get them does not carry the selection it used to. Sooo, I am on a hunt for a new vendor with some exciting selections. Around the shop you will notice I carry more than just pip berries.. I like a wide variety and like some unusual stuff.. everything from coleus and dusty miller to wild grassy picks.

This rustic looking floral is Pepper Grass and I am loving it in just about anything I put it in. It is a neat color.. going with the traditional burgundy, mustard and brown.. and also with some of the new reds and sage greens we are seeing. I have it in rusty pots and here it is in an old kettle.

These little Deacon Benches are back in stock and are a nice way to add some height to an arrangement. Made with pine that has a  medium stain and a rusty star, they go with just about anything.

No matter how careful you are making candles and melts.. some wax always ends up on the counter. Usually, we scrape it off and that is what I use at the house in my warmers. But, I have been burning some candles and have decided to try something new. Now we are bagging our scraps and selling them for .50 an ounce. Our regular melts are $1 per ounce, so you are getting your wax at half the price. There is no telling what you will get.. but that is half the fun. So, while we have it, come try an assorted bag of scraps and enjoy fragrance at an unbeatable price.

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Another YeaR

01010622Here it is September. It is Fair time and also our anniversary. On September 18th we will have been open for 2 years. It has been a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. Our downtown is growing and we have fun events like Sidewalk Sales, our Fall Fest and Christmas around the Square. In the shop we have a week long event the week before the Thanksgiving week called Hunters Widow Party. During that week we have our specialty Dip mixes made as well as delicious, hot Cider and you shoot our Big Buck of Savings for your discount. If  you land in the grass or trees, or even hit the wall,  you get a 5% discount. Better shots will get you larger discounts.. all the way up to a ‘kill’ shot worth 30% off you merchandise. It is a fun time for everybody as most of the men are in trees hunting the Hardin County bucks and the women are preparing for the holidays. You can get a head start on Christmas gifts or just add some holiday cheer to your decor at great savings during this week.

gasgasMost businesses keep stats on sales figures, weather and whatever might be related to their sales figures. We have been doing that almost from the beginning as well. Tracking weather, foot traffic and starting last year, the price of gas. Since we started a new year it required a new spread sheet. I copied the old one and began changing the figures to reflect our new year.  One thing I noticed was our gas prices a year ago were $1/gallon higher. Other September events were hurricane Ike headed to shore and around the 15th the Market crashed.

So much has happened over the last year.. good, bad, exciting and ugly. Here at the shop we are looking forward to what this next year will bring.

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The Dust is Settling

img_0129_2Well, things are finally getting back together at the shop. I moved the white Hoosier type hutch over into the corner and moved this little drop leaf table in next to it. I added a little primitive bench and put a cute Spring birdhouse on top. Added a nice mat hand made by a local Amish man and put some hyacinths under glass. A basket with greenery fills out the back and 2 fluffy yellow ducks are added for color.

img_0128_2Here’s the Hoosier.. angled back into the corner. A wreath stand with a nice twiggy wreath and one of our new, hand made in Kenton, lighted houses adorn the top. We still have the easy to fix dip mixes in the top. The shop favorite is Beer Cheese. My favorite is the Lemon Cheesecake. I pretty much like cheesecake plain.. but I tried this at market and fell in love. When I brought it home my stepson and a friend tore into it and got almost done before they realized it wasn’t ‘regular’ cheesecake. But they loved it.. according to the empty pan.

img_0131_2Nothing fancy here. But I love this chair. My personal favorite way  to decorate an old chair like this is to set a rustic basket with some greenery on it. Something hanging over the side of the basket to soften it up and enable you to see the back of the chair. I had a muted ivy and some soft, pastel hydrangeas on it once and almost took it home I liked it so well. Old chairs can often be found for just a few dollars and they are a unique way to add a little something special to a corner or narrow wall space.

img_0134_2This cabinet I drug around the corner and put the cookbooks and party napkins in. Have some friends coming over? Get these cute primitive dinner and cocktail napkins to bring your prim flair to the party. The cookbooks are those really neat brownie/cookie in a jar type of recipes. These cookbooks are nice to have on hand to whip up tasty gifts for birthdays, holidays or even to say your just thinking of someone. I’ve always enjoyed the ones I received and remembered the giver when I was enjoying the tasty treat. We also have a nice selection of the Gooseberry  Cookbooks. My favorite is the slow cooker one. Always nice to come home to dinner already made.


All this activity and there is still always more to do. I now need to sit down and get some things ordered. Next Monday I am planning a trip to the cash and carry so will have some new Spring goodies then.

Me too Bruce… me too!

Back to Work

We are finally feeling better.. not 100% but heading the right direction. We have got taxes done and now have more time to get some things done around the shop.

img_0078I don’t have anything new this week to show you and what is coming in are re-orders on our silicone dipped light bulbs and 50 light strands with the brown cords. Also coming in next week are the squatty silicone dipped bulbs with the standard light bulb sized socket. Those squatty bulbs combined with our glass jar and primitive fixings makes a really nice accent on a table. Expect those bulbs back in stock the end of next week. With the squatty bulbs will be some new sizes in light bulbs as well.

img_0081Lighting is such a hot trend right now. Light bulbs, lamps, window lamps, accent lights and night lights are constantly going out the door of the shop. Nothing makes a house feel like home more than warm and cozy lighting. This canister light can be customized with a candle ring of you choice and makes a delightful piece in any room.  This item is another best seller here at the shop.

img_0088Finally, a picture of our Battery Operated Tapers. We hand dip the tapers 3 times in Beeswax and roll them in a special primitive grubby mix. These tapers will run 700 hours on 2 AA batteries. From left to right the colors are: Burgundy, Gold, Mustard, Brown, Sage and Cream. We also do a Barn Red and a Navy.. but we still need to get those dipped.

8127381Mid month we are expecting the shipment of Mini Revere Wax Warmers. For smaller spaces these warmers are just the thing being only 3½” diameter and 7½” tall. Able to melt any full size 1 oz melts as quickly as the bigger warmers, they quickly throw scent into your home. And, becuase of the punched patterns, they offer that cozy lighting we all desire in our homes today. Don’t forget we offer over 90 fragrances in our Melts and Candles and we are working towards offering 150 different and unique fragrances in our products.

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Under the Weather

sickAfter pouring candles Monday, my throat was scratchy. Not unusual when dealing with fragrances. However, woke up the next day with a sore throat and stuffy nose. Now, today, I just flat out don’t feel well. I am getting around to go to the shop, but will be a bit late. Being sick when you are the only one working is not good.

On a good note, the Thompson Candle Pillars are here and going out. Those should all be out today. Yesterday I ordered some more lighting. We sold the last double pack of silicone bulbs and were out of the 50 light strands on brown cords. Both of these should be back in the shop mid next week. Many of the signs and prints we got in in January are also gone. I will look into reordering or possibly going to market again to get more.

We will be closed next Tuesday. My son will be flying to Texas to spend some time with his Dad. Home schooling has really been a blessing in this area. Before, Reno only got a few days here and there around the holidays, then summer break with his Dad. Now, he gets to go for longer periods of time, and never has to go longer than 2.5 months before seeing him again. It also has made his Dad responsible for his education. He had to stop being just a good time and be part of raising his son. The entire situation has been beneficial for everyone.

This trip we added an extra week to the time he stays in Texas. My parents are about 6 hours South of my ex-husband. With my father having a diagnosis of multiple myeloma, we are looking to get some extra time with them as well. They will be able to get some time with their Grandson with out taking time away from the father. Again, regular schooling would not allow this type of freedom. I too am planning more time with my parents. We usually take a vacation in June, but will possibly put that off until July. We will also be making a trip to Nebraska at the end of August to celebrate my Grandmothers 90th birthday. It will be a surprise.. good thing she has a good heart.

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Happy Valentines Day

I hope everyone is having a special day today!! The shop has been busy with men.. doing some last minute shopping for their Sweethearts. Of course, I am still getting new items out and rearranging things.

The March/April issue of Early American Life is in. With more articles than advertising, this magazine is a real treat if you love prim and colonial decor.

We also are finally getting out the floral stuff we got at Market back in January. Nice candle rings with the mixed berries and rusty stars, they have some brighter colors than what I have seen in the past. Sage green, various shades of brown and a nice antique red. these will look especially nice around the Thompson Candles we are expecting in next month.

The Candle Room is still undergoing change. We are adding several more Reed Diffuser fragrance oils as many of you have asked for more selection. At any time, if you don’t see a fragrance in the diffuser oils that we have in the melts or candle.. just ask and we will make it up for you. It takes seconds to make them so we can easily accommodate these requests.

Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter!! You will receive a thank you coupon to get one of our candles for only $10.00. These candles burn approx 115 hours and regularly sell for $16.00. Then, you will receive our February newsletter to get 10% off any of our Hearthside Plates. After that, every month you will receive a newsletter only special. Pass the signup info to your friends so they can take advantage of the sweet deals too.

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And then there were five

Well I really did it.. was in a hurry yesterday morning and thinking about all the things I need to get done that day. Had the cat in the carrier, purse, all bundled up and not paying attention. Attention to the stairs. When you step out the back door into the garage, there is a landing then you go down FIVE steps to the garage floor. Why my brain thought four was enough I’ll never know. So I stepped off in to nothing and came down on the side of my left foot. It hurt like the dickens.. but figured I’d work out of it.  Well, the day passed and it proceeded to get worse. Had to get some candles poured and was on the foot, so that didn’t help much. So, sent an email to DH about the  misshap and the need to visit the ER.

The ER wasn’t as busy as normal.. nice when you don’t have a life threatening injury. After much poking, prodding and exrays.. the damage was a bad sprain. So I now have to stay off it for 10 days. I haven’t gotten all the stuff I bought from Market put away and yesterday we got another shipment in. It is really going to difficult to be good about this.. too much needs done. And, I have more things on the way. Hobbeling around on crutches is going to slow things way down around here.

Today I have to get some items packed up and sent out. We have decided to do an ad in the June/July Country Sampler magazine and the items must be in their hands by Friday. I am going to have to count on my son to give me a hand with everything today. The new items will just have to go out as time permits.

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Gotta Love it

It’s been two weeks since market and we are still putting things out. We did a Candle Fundraiser for Ridgemont and had to stop putting out the new stuff to get the candles made. Now that they are almost done, we are back to putting out the things we got from Market.

4-armThe battery operated Grubby Tapers that we have are big sellers. They can be put in candle pans, candle trays and our candelabras. At Market we picked up some 2 and 4 Arm Chandeliers that have a nice twist to the  arms.  Add some nice berry candle rings and you have an awesome decor piece in your home. Right now we are waiting for the tapers to come in. They have been back ordered since before the holidays. I have over 1,000 due to come the end of February. As soon as they hit the shop we will get busy dipping them. Currently we offer these tapers in Barn Red, Burgundy, Brown, Mustard, Gold, Sage, Country Blue, Cream and Brown. Each one is dipped three times in Beeswax and rolled in our special Grubby Mix. You will not find tapers like these anywhere  else. The lights will run 600-700 hours on two AA batteries. In the works are dipping the battery operated t-lights in our Grubby Mixture. Check out our complete selection of Chandeliers.

Also going out today are some nice new florals. In pretty pastels, they are a refreshing change from the foot of snow outside. We got some wreaths, small and medium candle rings and some cute, rustic watering cans. After the shop closed I spent some time on the candle ring display. I have three wire peg racks that used to be in the shape of a triangle in the candle room. Since we moved some new bins into the candle room to hold more melts, the racks came out and I put them in a relatively straight line. That allows me to use both sides for displaying the candle rings. Originally, I had them all by size.. smalls on one rack, mediums on another and so forth. After I got the new stuff put out, I decided it would be much nicer to arrange every thing by color. That way if you need something burgundy.. it is all there in one area.

We have also added two new fragrances to our candles. The Sandalwood Vanilla is a big hit in anything Bath and Body we put it in. Lotions, Body Butters and Parfaits all fly out the door in this fragrance. Now you can get this Best Selling favorite fragrance in our 18 ounce Antique Jar candles. And, in a few days, we will have the melts in this scent available too. Another addition is Hazelnut Coffee. We have had this fragrance in the past but have needed to replace an inconsistent supplier. So we looked around for a replacement and found this one. It burns strong and has been a favorite around our house.

New fragrances poured last week to be tested are Bamboo Grass and Snicker-doodle. More along the lines of Spring is Peony. All of these fragrances were burned at the shop today and they are looking to be strong scent throwers. We also got in about 40 new samples to test and more are on the way. I  have been looking , it seems like forever, for a good sugar cookie. I have two that have come highly recommended and can’t wait to get them in wax. Other testers  to look forward to are: Amish Harvest, Lemon Pound Cake, Green Tea, Botanical Orchard, Sandalwood and MORE!! You want a good addiction..try fragrances. They’re as good as caffeine and won’t make you jittery.  🙂

As much as we have added there is still more in the back. And, with February around the corner, more new items are scheduled to arrive. Man I love this job!

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Primitive Houses

shop-pics-0591Here they are.. the promised pictures. These are the hand made primitive houses we got in last week. All of them are lighted. Here are a few pictures. I put several of them in the front

shop-pics-052window and they look great. One of my favorites is the large wide one in a dark green color. It is the only green house we got in. Another favorite is the church. We got a half dozen of the Churches and several of each of the other sizes scattered through out the shop now. I don’t have any pictures of the barn red color… but that color is also available.


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Monday Musings

Today is my day off.. sorta. As I sit here typing, Bruce is chewing on my hand trying to get me to play with him. Hopefully he’ll settle down and tak a nap. He’s been running around the house all morning. Me.. I’ve been working on ‘computer stuff’. I have signed  up to do some email newsletters and have been designing the email format. With that comes a bunch of test emails to make sure everything is working.. the links, the spelling and the delivery.  We are going this route to keep our customers informed about new items and special events. As I look back at the thousands of dollars I spent in advertising last year, and know that many people missed things because they did not read the papers, I am going to do things differently this year.

Because I hate my inbox filling up with junk.. I want a timely letter that has information you will be interested in. We will showcase new arrivials at the shop and have something special every month only for newsletter subscribers. You can sign up here:

Sign up for our Email Newsletter


It is my desire to make sure every one that is interested knows about the promotions at the shop. In addition to the emails, we will also send out postcards informing everybody about our events. There is a definate preference for the ‘snail mail’ over email in my customers.. but for shop updates, the email is going to be the only medium. The bonus with the emails is a coupon good for a special promotion that month.

I was up waaay too late this morning making some changes to the web site as well. Adding the signup link, rearranging some of the boxes and adding an About Us page. There is still a lot of work to be done on the site.. pictures need to be taken and uploaded. There are still things I want to get added, like a section featuring the artists and their crafts that we have at the shop. I finally have items, from a talented couple that I have done shows with for years, in my shop. More on that in a bit.. I also want to feature the homes of my customers. I’m still not sure how to do it, but pictures of their houses and decorating would be a nice addition to the site.

Now, about those new items.. Cindy and Frank are professional crafters from Kenton. We met at the shows and their booth is always very busy. They do some really neat country/prim things and I have wanted their items in the shop for a while. The bright spot of all this winter cold and drabness is the primitive lit houses they brought by last week. I will get some pictures and get them up for you to see. I have the most adorable Church, several houses in tall and wide configurations.. and they are all lit. I am working on getting some of them in the front window of the shop. The houses are in nice prim type colors of cream, mustard and red, and I have a really nice large green house that I am partial to.

So, a day off for me is not always a day off. I did get to sleep in a bit [ nice after the long hours last night ] and am still in my jammies, but I also have floors to clean and labels for candles to print. I also have a meeting in town with the other downtown merchants to discuss upcoming events for the year. So, I guess I’d better get off this computer and get after it.

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