We Offer the Largest..

.. selection of candle and melt fragrances anywhere in Ohio. Each and every Northern Lights Candle and Melt is made right here in the back of the shop. As candle makers we have always offered a large selection, but now, with over 100 fragrances, we offer more than you will get any where else in the state. Each of our candles has been designed to be burned 6-10 hours a day without getting a large flame and each one MUST be highly fragrant. Out testing ground is the store and the testers are those who come in to shop our decor items. We listen to hear comments about different fragrances burning through out the shop. Those fragrances that repeatedly cause comments are added to our line when testing is done.

Each month we have a half dozen new fragrances to try out. How long does testing last? At the shop we burn 7-8 hours a day. Burning every day, 5 days a week, it will take us about a month to completely burn a test candle down for evaluation. Our candles easily go 115 hours total which is great for you.. but makes the testing phase take time. When a  fragrance is deemed worthy to be added, we order in the fragrance oils in and get busy making the candles and melts. Total time from start to finish is about 5 weeks.

With 100 fragrances you would think we have enough. But I love fragrance, and I have the ability to display 154 unique candle fragrances in my candle room. So, that is the number we are headed for. Do you have a favorite you would like to see us carry? Post it here or stop by and suggest it. Suggestions we are currently looking for are Cherry Lemonade and Vanilla Lime.


New Candle Fragrances

IMG_0181_2We have added a new candle fragrance called Harvest. It is a duplication of Yankee’s popular spiced Fall fragrance. The fragrance is a spicy blend of cinnamon bark and clove bud on a dry down of musk. We have gotten quite a few comments on the tester and so have the Antique Jar candles added and the melts will be soon to follow.

Two new candle testers are Pecan Pralines and 7up Cake. We just started them today so too  new to tell. A favorite of mine that I have had burning for a week now is a Lavender/coconut/cream mix. It is really nice and a welcome change from all the cinnamnons we have burned in the last few months.

Amish Harvest has been added to both candles and melts and it is going out the door as fast as I get it made. With the cooler weather and everybody heading indoors, a cozy and fragrant home becomes more important. If you have never tried one of our candles, now is the time to get one. Each one is designed to burn all day.. 6 to 10 hours without having to trim the wick. And, the average burn time on these candles is 115 hours. For us at the shop that is burning them 5 days a week, 8 hours a day and a good month to get them done. To make getting one of our candle even better, sign up for our monthly Newsletter and get a coupon for one of our candles for only $10.

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New Candle Fragrances

lg1_001517We are finally gettting our inventory of candle and melts back up after the Findlay show. We sold out of Buckeye, Amish Harvest and Caramel Crunch. Buckeye has been a favorite for years, but the Amish Harvest was brand new at the show. While burning the tester at the shop we got comments all month long about how great the fragrance was and when it would be ready. Amish Harvest candles and melts have been made and are ready for you to take home and enjoy.

The Caramel Crunch was a new fragrance last month and another that got lots of comments when we tested it. This fragrance is rich and decadent orange pound cake with a hefty coating of caramel. Absolutely delicious and the citrus notes are perfect for this time of year. We madef lots of melts in this to be ready for this being a new favorite.

Another new fragrance that we sold a lot of is Toasted Hazelnut. This is very warm and nutty and it has a great throw.  Other favorites at the show and around the shop are Pumpkin Crunch, Cinnamon Apple and Coffee Cake. A surprise sell out at the Findlay show was Dragon’s Blood. Not really a seasonal fragrance, it is one you either love or hate.. there is no middle ground. I’ve thought of renaming this fragrance but those that like it go out of their way to get it. I will have to make sure we bring a lot more next year when we do Findlay.

Currently burning around the shop are Harvest, Moonlit Path and Raspberry Patch. So far the Harvest and Moonlit Path are burning well and the throw for both is great. The Raspberry Patch is a Raspberry Patchouli blend that has done well in our lotions.. but the patchouli in the blend makes it very difficult to wick for a good burn. Patchouli is a very dark oil and even with the largest wicks, does not burn properly. I have found it impossible to wick in something I would sell. So this fragrance will probably only be available in melts.. like our Patchouli.

I have also poured some new ones that we will start burning next week. Look for Pecan Pralines and 7up Pound Cake when you enter the shop. We currently offer over 90 fragrances in both candles and melts and in time will offer 150 to be the largest selection of candles and melts in Ohio.

The picture at the top is one of  our Village Wax Warmers and it will quickly melt you wax tarts to fragrance you home at the same time it adds ambiance with its lighted glow.

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ChriStmaS in OcTobeR

findlay 09-1The Findlay craft show is this coming weekend, October 3-4, and we are very busy getting ready. We will close early Friday to get set up for the show and be closed Saturday. With all the Christmas items we have received around the shop the last few months it will be nice to get away and just enjoy Fall. The weather should be cool and crisp, perfect weather for strolling around the Craft Show. If you have never been to this show you are missing a wonderful way to spend a day.

Findlay’s Christmas in October is one of NW Ohio’s largest and most distinctive Fall Craft Shows. Every year it features over 300 exhibits from 10 States. With ten buildings, two tents & dozens of outdoor locations brimming full of Americana, Country, Contemporary, Folk Art and Victorian Arts & Crafts it is fun for the entire family!

You can pre-order your candles and lotions from us now so you can enjoy the show and pick up your items when you are done. No need to see us early to get the best selection or worry about your favorites being sold out. Buckeye is always sold out no matter how many I bring and we have some wonderful new fragrances that we are expecting to sell out of as well. Amish Harvest and Toasted Hazelnut have received many comments around the shop while being tested and will be available at the show. Other favorites will be  Caramel Crunch, Glazed Baklava, Coffe Cake , Pink Sugar and Pumpkin Crunch. In the lotions it is hard to beat Pink Sugar and Sandalwood Vanilla.

So come see us in Findlay this weekend. To get $1 off admission see HERE. Come for the day or make a weekend of it and stay in one of Findlay’s many fine hotel accommodations. We hope to see you there!

New Fragrances

We have just added some new fragrances to our Melts and Antique Jar Candles.

In our melts today we added Bamboo Sugar CaneApple Fritter,  Orange Vanilla, Sandalwood Vanilla and Bitter Sweet.

New in the Antique Jar Candles is Sandalwood Vanilla, Brown Sugar Spice and Orange Danish.

Currently being tested are Plum Crazee, Botanical Orchard, a new Fresh Linen, Cotton Candy, Pink Cupcake and Blackberry Sage.

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Technical Difficulties

Ya just got to love technology! I have spent most of today trying to get some pictures uploaded so I can send out the March newsletter. Grrr! Not sure what the problem is [do we ever??] but photos keep returning an error. I’ve reset my router and my modem. Trouble must be on their web site or servers. At least one can hope. The newsletter is ready except for the pictures. Sorry for the delay.. it will be sent as soon as I get the pictures uploaded. If you are not currently a Newsletter Subscriber you can join HERE.

thompson1Friday I got a call from Thompson Candles. They are set to ship and we are expecting to get our grubby pillars this week. Look for delicious fragrances like Snickerdoodle, Pumpkin Pie and Apple Dumpling. While at Market this past January, I spent a lot of time checking out and sniffing the candles offered for shops. We wanted a nice, cake type pillar that would look great sitting around the house, but we also wanted a candle that would burn well if you chose to light it. We were very happy to find these and sooo look forward to getting these in the shop. The Candle Room is coming together. On the horizon for new candle scents this month are Glazed Baklava, Cinnamon Frosting, Sugar Cookie [finally] and Lemon Pound Cake. We are about half way through testing these and they all are really good. My favorites so far is the Glazed Baklava. Have it burning here in the living room at home where I’m working. One I am looking forward to testing is the Fruit Loops. It really smells nice.. refreshing after all the Cinnamons we tested coming into the holidays.

 We are still dipping tapers. We have the Brown, Mustard, Burgundy and Gold done and out in the shop. Still to do are the Red, Country Blue, Sage and maybe the Cream. These tapers will be featured in an ad in the June/July issue of Country Sampler. We look forward to these being as big a hit Nationally as they are here locally. I know I have to get pictures of these, as well as many other things, posted on Our Web Site. We have a new camera coming so that should make the job a bit easier. My current camera is old enough to be a bit difficult when taking the types of shots I need for products. Got to get a light table set up in the back and just spend an afternoon taking pictures. After that comes the fun part of resizing the pics for use on the web. Also on my to do list this month is get a header on the web site. With the national ad coming out, there will be a web snapshot done and that front page needs to be finished. Speaking of pictures.. need to try and get those pictures uploaded to the newsletter.

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Candle Burning Tips

If you have ever watched HGTV, you will soon see that ‘Staging’ a room has a lot to do with its appeal. When you buy a candle, or even use a warmer, there are things  you can to do maximize the fragrance distributed around your home.

Here around the shop, safety is a big issue. I had all my testers up high on the tops of cabinets. I went through a stage where I thought I was getting some real duds as samples. Since more often than not I pay for these, I was getting a bit aggravated. Then, I climbed up a ladder to get something off the top of a cabinet for a customer and wow!! the air up there smelled wonderful. I was not thinking when I put the testers up so high. The candle produces heat that melts the wax. As that heat is carried up, so is your fragrance. We now have our testers placed lower in the shop.. below nose level. We have had to choose these locations carefully because of children coming into the shop and the tendency of people to pick things up when buying. Now they are on lower shelves that as a rule, don’t carry much merchandise and hidden to not attract the attention of kids. Plus, we have Bruce to entertain the kids as well. So, around your home, if you are burning a candle, look for a location that is out of the way and below nose level. Our best fragrance is from candles placed about knee high here in the shop.

Another lesson I learned in Texas. I  had a candle placed on a table next to my recliner. I could not smell it in the living room.. however, in the hallway, it smelled great. After thinking about if a bit, I realized that my air return vent was in that hallway and affecting the flow of the fragrance. When the system kicked on, it pulled air from the end of the house, into the hall and vent. Moving the candle further away from the vent pulled that fragrance through the room and I had better distribution of the fragrance. We use that here at the shop as well. Air is pulled from the front to the back. Testers are place so that the tester is actually in the area I want fragranced, furthest away from the back of the shop. That way, when the unit kicks on, the scent is pulled into the area I want to smell good. In  your home, when you want to fragrance a room, place the candle or warmer furthest away from your return vent and you will have the best results. What do you do with these old home that have return vents all over the place? My living room has 2, a return in the floor on opposite ends of the room. so, I place my candle in the center of the room on a coffee table. The vents pull the fragrance through the room and the placement level allows the fragrance to travel up through the room.

When you buy a candle or wax warmer, you are wanting to bring fragrance into your home. Maximize the effect by placing the candle so that you get the most from it.

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Curing Winter Blahs

02210001OK, it is once again snowing. There are Winter Storm Warnings for the area.. sweet 😦 . If you read the previous post, you saw the Battery Operated Tapers are in. I have wax melting in the back and will be back there soon to get some of these Tapers everybody has been waiting on done. So, while I’m waiting I took some pictures around the shop and am going to share some pics to take your mind off that ugly Winter stuff going on outside.  02210009

This muted Ivy was new last year. Instead of a sharp contrast of dark green and white, these muted colors of cream and a more sage green go with sooo much more here around the shop. Last Fall I stuck some bright orange pip berries and mini pumpkins in these Ivys and the color combo really popped! You can see they look pretty nice with the pastels as well.  The arrangement is stuck in a rusty watering pitcher and a cute little sign as been added for fun. These little signs are really fun to add to floral arrangements, hang over the edge of a basket or even bend the hanger back so you can set them out as a little sign with an easel.

02210006How about these really cute shelves?? Each one hand made here in Kenton, they are all unique. Painted a nice aged Cream, they come with barn red or navy blue stars. They are about 29.5″ long across the shelf and about 3.5″ deep. You can see they are great for displaying a few odd and ends on the top and make a statement all by themselves.

02210022Been busy in the candle room. We finally redid the tops of the cabinets and it is a lot more homey in there. We have also removed the double display of our candles [2 of each fragrance side by side] and are only showing a single row of each. We are steadily working to have these cabinets full of unique fragrances to give us 156 different scents. Where else are you going to be able to go with that kind of selection! We already have over 90.. so we are well on our way of achieving our goal. If you have never experienced one of our candles.. you are missing a treat. Designed to burn all day, rather than a few hours at a time, these candles will throw their scent strongly from top to bottom. Each one burns an average of 115 hours. Any time you walk in the shop you are experiencing our testers. I get so many comments it is easy to decide which fragrances to add. Plus, if they can throw scent in this place.. they can sure fill your home.

They’re Here!!

After being called 2 days ago and told the battery tapers would not be in until the first of April, talking to someone today and being told AGAIN.. they won’t be in until April.. guess what got delivered?? One thousand battery tapers!!  Woo Hoo.. happy dance. I will be dipping these in our special Grubby mixture this weekend so they will be available Tuesday when we open.

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Now Testing

02180002Monday we got a dozen new test fragrances into wax. I have 2 Sugar Cookies, 2 Lemon Pound Cakes, 2 Green Teas, Orange, Apricot Freesia, Fruit Loops, Cinnamon Sugar, Pecan Pickups, Cinnamon Frosting and Caramel Orange. Last night I took home the Cinnamon Sugar, Pecan Pickups and one of the Lemon Pound Cakes to test. The Cinnamon Sugar is strong and delicious! We will be adding that one for sure. The Pecan Pickups was in the dining room where I was working and it also is very nice. Today in the shop we have a Sugar Cookie, the other Lemon Pound Cake, Cinnamon Frosting and Apricot Freesia burning. Early favorites are the this Lemon Pound Cake and the Apricot Freesia. The Cinnamon Frosting is also nice. These need a couple more hours of burning before we can really see if they have a nice throw. Most are looking to be keepers so we sill get the fragrances ordered and add the scent to our melts.

Well, the weather is forecasting snow.. again. I got Spring going on around here so kinda hate to step back out into cold Winter weather when we leave. My son has finally had a chance to ride the dirt bike he got for Christmas.. and now the weather is making it difficult to get out and have fun with it again. He waited so long for the bike… saved for several years. His Christmas money gave him enough to get one.. and now the weather is not cooperating. Inside, he is getting interested in tropical fish. We have a 10 gallon tank that is still in the new tank cycle. He has a Sword-tail female and several Guppies. The Guppy has given him 8 babies that he is real ct6proud of. He also has a pair of Bettas. In my younger years.. in Texas.. I used to raise Bettas on my apartment balcony. I raised them up and traded for more fish food till the weather got cold and I had to stop for the season. So, we are going to try to breed this pair and see what we get for colors. If you like this fish, you have to check out this site: Betty Splendens . WOW! The fish has come a long way in the 15 years since I raised mine. The fins, the colors.. it is hard not to appreciate these fish. If we are successful from the pair we got from the pet shop.. I’d love to get my hands on a fancy pair and breed them. Just what I need.. another hobby. But for now, my son is interested and we will see how far his interest goes.

We finally got some lotions back out. The ever popular Buckeye and Sandalwood Vanilla as well as Honey Almond and  Pink Sugar. I will be making more of the Naturally Nothing hopefully this weekend. The Naturally Nothing has no fragrance.. just our wonderful lotion. Good for sensitive skin, use on the face and for some of the guys that don’t like fragrance. The new Body Butter formulation is awesome! I am sooo loving it. Softer than our previous version, it is easier to apply and melts quicker with body heat. It melts to more of an oil, but quickly penetrates into the skin. I have been using this all over and am noticing a much softer and smoother skin. Great on the face [unscented] under the eyes it helps smooth out the fine lines we get as we mature. I also like it on my hands and keep some by the computer. This will also get made up this weekend so you can experience it too.

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