About Us

   Hi. My name is Sherolyn and I am the owner of Northern Lights Candle Company and a retail shop called The Comforts of Home. How did I get here?

In 2001 I had had enough of buying poorly made candles. This last one was a major brand name and here it was, not staying lit and leaving wax around the edge. So, determined I could do a much better job, I set out to create a candle that burned well, burned completely and had wonderful scent throw. So I bought wax, fragrance and wicks and started creating. It did not take much time to realize that creating a perfect candles was no easy task. In time I had one that met all my expectations and I enjoyed them so much I gave a few away as gifts. In time, I was asked for more candles and so a candle business was born.

In the Fall of 2003 I met a man online from Ohio. We had exchanged many emails and one day he suggested we actually talk on the phone. Being ever so cautious I gave him my cell number figuring I could change my number if he was a fruit loop. But, after a 4 hour conversation, I hung up and realized I was destined to marry him and move from my home in Texas up into snow country.

It wasn’t long before I was once again making candles and giving them as gifts. Since my new husband was a hunter and I had many weekends free in the Fall, I decided to start taking my candles to craft shows. In time I added hand made soap and body products to my line. After several years I became a successful enough crafter to out grow the house. I needed a larger place to make my products and of course.. dreamed of my own shop.

At the shows I fell in love with the country/prim type of products I saw there. So, when I got serious about opening a shop, I decided to bring in these types of products as well. In September of 2007 we opened The Comforts of Home in the Historic Courthouse District in downtown Kenton. We continue to make our own candles and body products but also have a mix of product from local artists as well as well known companies.

In addition to being a businesswoman and the wife of a hunter, I am also the mother of Reno, a teenage boy, and a person of interest to a seal brown cat named Bruce. I love crafting, gardening, roller skating and computers.

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