Findlay Craft Show

A quick reminder that we will be closed Saturday and will close early on Friday for the Findlay Show. If  you have never been to this show, it is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Over 350 crafters will be there as well as tons of good food. The show is held every year at the Hancock County Fair Grounds..  1017 E Sandusky Street in Findlay. We will be in Barn E. Come visit us at the show.

Check out the  web site to get $1 off admission coupons or pick up some for you and your Friends at the shop.

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Spring is FINALLY Blowing in..

We sure have has some goofy weather. I bought some Lantana in Texas with the thought I would put them in our pots outside. Somewhere… I guess in Arkansas.. we drove right out of Spring. I left a Lowe’s filled with tons of Petunias, Verbenas, Gardenias as well as veggies and herbs and got back up here and the leaves were not even out. Bummer!!

And yesterday.. though the weather was finally warming.. that WIND. I’ve been a bit spoiled here at the shop. We have had Hydrangeas, Hyacinths, Pansys and many other cheery flowers blooming since January. That, combined with the nice ivies, have made for a rather pleaseant diversion from the Winter that was hanging on outside. So now that the weather is finally warming outside, I’m getting ready for Summer. I’ve finally got the stuff I bought at the Cash and Carry out on the floor and now I’m in the mood to start rearranging things.

maybePlates.. we have several nice new ones. Our Dance in the Rain plate is a best seller and now this one is coming in right behind it. A similar sentiment and words of encouragement for a friend or family member. There are four plates in this collection all with nice sentiments. Sit them in a plate stand for individual display or add them to one of our wood or metal plate racks that allow the display of two or three plates either vertical or horizonally.

img_0239_2Another nice new plate is the one on the right. With the recent loss of my Father, the verse has taken on new meaning and is a gentle remider to live each day fully and with no regrets. If tomorrow never comes, do they know  you love them? I’m making sure family and friends know how much they mean to me.

basket1Check out this cute metal basket. I added two pip berry whisps. It will sit real nice on a shelf or table as well as hang on a wall with the wire handle.

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treen11Finding old, timeworn pieces to decorate your home is not easy. Hand hewn wood bowls and trays look so nice in primitive decor. But finding these Treen pieces in good shape takes time and work.. and then paying for them is another matter. So unless  you want to become a collector.. what can you do?

treen2 Treen includes a wide variety of objects mostly associated with tableware, the kitchen, games, personal adornment, and toilet articles. To get that rustic look of the old wood Treen pieces, try our resin reproductions. Molds are made from original Treen so you get every mark from creating to well worn use. Above is a nice shallow tray. I’ve used pieces like that for candles with potpourri or a bit of berry garland or flip the piece on it’s side and use in the back of a hutch to show off another unique item that is place in front of it.

The second picture is a pantry bowl. It even has the metal bands like the original. Not shown are some square angled bowls that also have this metal banding. I’ve just started to play with these pieces so we are still discovering ways to display them.


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New Crocks and Rusty Pails

crock4We got lots of new things finally out on the floor. I like  crocks. I have bought a few old ones at auction with the intention of selling them at the shop.. but I can’t bring myself to part with them. So I pick up interesting pottery when I find it. This jug is really  nice. It is hand made and hand painted.

crock1These little jugs are awfully cute! Only about 4″ tall, they too are hand made and painted. This style pottery also comes in variouse other jugs and also come nice candle holders.

crock3I got a few like this too. This guy has a handle. I also got one that has a a lid and several others in various sizes. these pieces are also hand made and painted so not two are exactly alike. They are very rough and rustic looking.


Something else I really like are rusty things. I picked up lots of rusty buckets on my buying trip. They are great around the shop to display things.. but around the house  greenery or even a rustic candle and some berries are a nice way to use them.

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Happy Birthday

039_2Friday, April 17th, Bruce will be a year old. Since he is so much a part of the shop we have decided to throw him a Birthday party.

All day long we will have 10% off everything in the shop. If you are a newsletter subscriber you will receive a coupon to double that to 20% off everything in the shop. Not a newsletter subscriber? Join now.

33009-038_21We will also be serving Birthday cake and anyone that shows up wearing a party hat can take one of our highly scented wax melts for FREE. So don’t forget to stop by this Friday for the fun.

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Shelves and Textiles

berry-n-twigsThis is the new pattern we have in place mats and curtains. It is called Berry N Twigs. The curtains come in swags and tiers and we also have a nice table runner to go with the place mats.shelf1

Our plates are always popular. I have been asked for other ways to display them beside the plate stands we carry. For the larger plates, we offer several nice hanging iron racks.shelf_2 At the Cash and Carry I found this adorable black plate rack that will hold three 6″ plates horizontally. The finish on the rack is a nice bumpy prim texture that shows off our plates. Here the shelf rack is shown with three of our newer Hearthside plates.

shelf-2aAnother new addition is this shelf. This piece  has a nice, Colonial feel to it. It is  burgundy colored and has a combed texture to the paint. Those screws are for hanging on the wall.. and I can’t wait to get this piece out.

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Buckets and Bunnies

bucket_1Well, we have quite a few new items. I have taken some pictures as I am pricing things so they are not displayed like they will be when I have  a few minutes to put them out in the displays in the shop.

Since I love rusty buckets, I picked up some new shapes. This bucket is squat and the handles add a nice touch. I may add a rustic candle and candle ring or some greenery.. will see when I start putting things out.

pantry-bucketIt’s odd how things can sit at the shop for a while then start flying out the door. We had several nice Treen pieces that I enjoyed putting in displays and suddenly, they all disappeared. So, I picked up several more new pieces. This is a pantry bowl. We also have some other nice bowls, trays and troughs. These pieces are nice for displaying grubby candles, potpourri and fixins.

bunny_1I know we were out of town and missed Easter. But these bunnies are real cute. We will have them out probably till the end of the month then put them away for next year.

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obit_30_1239018114091Service for my father was today. My brother arranged to have full military honours for Dad. They opened the side door and at the first shot I lost it. Having been a military family, I am too familier with the guns and Taps. The finality of everything was really hitting me. He was gone. Though with my Lord, he will never again be my father.. and for that I ache.

The Kerrville Funeral Home was wonderful. They took care of the smallest details and made this stressful time managable for us. They even have a web site where you can view not only service times, but the obituary and even a nice video tribute. To read the obituary for my Dad and see his video see Oakley Allen Korbelik. 

The comfort I have is all this is the cancer did not get my Dad. He had a blood clot and they determined it moved to the lungs. The stress on his heart caused it to fail. He passed away in his home with his wife right beside him. Though I would do anything for more time with him, I would not have it to watch him ravaged by cancer. The thought of the pain and suffering for him and us as we watched, would be more than any of us could have born. God in his mercy saw fit to take him now. Though weakened by treatment, he was still in his own strength. I’m now trusting God to help me with the hole left in my heart and life with his passing.

I thank everyone that has thought and prayed for me and my son.

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Very Sad Day..

I received word this evening that my father has passed away. It was only a few months ago that we found out he had multiple myeloma, a bone cancer. Doctors were optimistic about the treatment, and my father seemed to be responding very well. So the news today has been very unexpected. I wish the Doctors had advised things were moving quickly so I could have made time to see him. We had plans to spend several weeks in July with him, thinking we had a few years. You just never know.

I am making plans to head for Texas to be with my Mother and the rest of my family there. The shop will be closed at least a week. I am sorry about having to be closed. For those that pray, I covet your prayers at this time. I will see my father again so I have comfort in that. It was he that answered my questions about God and was there to guide me as I started on that path. The journey now will be different without him.

I love you Dad.. and I miss you terribly right now.

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