Road Trip

33009-029_2Today we made a road trip to the Cash and Carry. As you can see.. we got a BUNCH of new stuff! I wasn’t sure I’d have room for everything.. and I could only get a 48″ star instead of the 52″ I wanted.. but there are lots of goodies in there.

I love twig wreaths and I picked up three new ones. Really rustic and great on their own.. they also can have picks of color inserted to change with the seasons.

019_2I also picked up a few bunnies and lots of variegated ivies. Ivy picks and garlands do a nice job of adding  soft touch to areas in your decor. This ivy hanging over the edge of the hutch brings a warmth and softness that the other decor items do not. We have a nice muted ivy and another that has green, gold and burgundy mixed throughout the leaves. Both are real favorites at the shop and this time I found a deeper green colored ivy that will bring a different color and depth to decorating. When we get everything received in and start putting things out.. I will get some pictures of this new ivy.

We also got some nice pottery pieces. They will look great with some floral picks or greenery.. maybe some rusty stars added in too. Another item we stocked back up on are baskets. They too look nice with greenery or some berry picks. We got some for hanging on the wall as a few for just sitting around. I also got a few rustic Easter baskets that I’m going to put some greenery and eggs in.

There are lots more I can tell youi about but I’m going to get some sleep and get some pictures so I can show you too.

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More Rearranging

img_0119_2This old hutch is really neat. It is beat up and the doors are in pieces in the back of the shop. It is rather deep so I often have a difficult time showing off items I put on the shelves.

img_0120_2Though difficult to see in the picture.. I took one of my 140 bulb Deco Rice Light sets and wove it behind things on the top two shelves then ran them through the garland on top. I have had more people want the lighted garland since I did this. Though the Deco 140 lights are a bit much for the garland alone, we do carry a smaller Deco 35 light strand that would be perfect for adding that touch of light to a garland draped like this one.

img_0122_2Here are some of our Grubby  Battery Tapers. This is a nice, heavy candle pan with a colonial finish. The colonial finish is a very dark brownish black.. not the flat black many of them come in. We added some color coordinating candle rings then a fun little sign. These tapers are lit.. a bit difficult to see in the picture.. but they are a warm orangish yellow and have a gentle flicker to them.

img_0126_2OK.. I absolutely love, love, love these lighted balls! Again, difficult to see in the picture, each of these 10 twig balls have a little light in them. Are they not awesome in this treen bowl? They also looked great in an old, cast iron pot I had them in around Christmas time. I had 6 of these before Christmas and they were gone in 2 days. I got a dozen this time and once again, they are moving out quickly. I can think of lots of cool primitive containers for them.. baskets, bowls, pots, crocks.. you will find many delightful places for them as well. When you do.. send me a picture so I can post it here.

The Dust is Settling

img_0129_2Well, things are finally getting back together at the shop. I moved the white Hoosier type hutch over into the corner and moved this little drop leaf table in next to it. I added a little primitive bench and put a cute Spring birdhouse on top. Added a nice mat hand made by a local Amish man and put some hyacinths under glass. A basket with greenery fills out the back and 2 fluffy yellow ducks are added for color.

img_0128_2Here’s the Hoosier.. angled back into the corner. A wreath stand with a nice twiggy wreath and one of our new, hand made in Kenton, lighted houses adorn the top. We still have the easy to fix dip mixes in the top. The shop favorite is Beer Cheese. My favorite is the Lemon Cheesecake. I pretty much like cheesecake plain.. but I tried this at market and fell in love. When I brought it home my stepson and a friend tore into it and got almost done before they realized it wasn’t ‘regular’ cheesecake. But they loved it.. according to the empty pan.

img_0131_2Nothing fancy here. But I love this chair. My personal favorite way  to decorate an old chair like this is to set a rustic basket with some greenery on it. Something hanging over the side of the basket to soften it up and enable you to see the back of the chair. I had a muted ivy and some soft, pastel hydrangeas on it once and almost took it home I liked it so well. Old chairs can often be found for just a few dollars and they are a unique way to add a little something special to a corner or narrow wall space.

img_0134_2This cabinet I drug around the corner and put the cookbooks and party napkins in. Have some friends coming over? Get these cute primitive dinner and cocktail napkins to bring your prim flair to the party. The cookbooks are those really neat brownie/cookie in a jar type of recipes. These cookbooks are nice to have on hand to whip up tasty gifts for birthdays, holidays or even to say your just thinking of someone. I’ve always enjoyed the ones I received and remembered the giver when I was enjoying the tasty treat. We also have a nice selection of the Gooseberry  Cookbooks. My favorite is the slow cooker one. Always nice to come home to dinner already made.


All this activity and there is still always more to do. I now need to sit down and get some things ordered. Next Monday I am planning a trip to the cash and carry so will have some new Spring goodies then.

Me too Bruce… me too!

We are inturrupted for the following message..

img_0067Well, I am trying to get some work done here at the shop. Bruce.. on the other hand.. is impeding progress. Updating the blog is taking place during his ‘Play Time’ and he is making sure he is having fun.

img_0073I have bought all kinds of cool cat toys only to find Bruce likes  the rings off the gallon milk cartons. He will chase and play with those rings all day long. He has learned to bring the ring to me  so I can throw it for him. Off the front of the counter, off to the side, it doesn’t matter. Off he goes.. over computer, off the counter, over my legs..

img_0071Over and over.. we throw the ring, chase the ring, pick it up and bring it back. If we don’t throw the ring, he plays with it on top of and in the way of what ever I’m doing. img_0072

He has discovered it is real fun to drop the ring in the computer keyboard and try to bat it out while I am typing. Moving him and that ring out of the way is just part of his game. Bruce has highlighted and deleted more text than I want to admit.

But he is kinda cute and funny when he plays this game, so I don’t usually mind playing along. When we finally have had enough playtime,  it is time for some ear scratching and lovin.. then time for a long cat nap.


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Back to Work

We are finally feeling better.. not 100% but heading the right direction. We have got taxes done and now have more time to get some things done around the shop.

img_0078I don’t have anything new this week to show you and what is coming in are re-orders on our silicone dipped light bulbs and 50 light strands with the brown cords. Also coming in next week are the squatty silicone dipped bulbs with the standard light bulb sized socket. Those squatty bulbs combined with our glass jar and primitive fixings makes a really nice accent on a table. Expect those bulbs back in stock the end of next week. With the squatty bulbs will be some new sizes in light bulbs as well.

img_0081Lighting is such a hot trend right now. Light bulbs, lamps, window lamps, accent lights and night lights are constantly going out the door of the shop. Nothing makes a house feel like home more than warm and cozy lighting. This canister light can be customized with a candle ring of you choice and makes a delightful piece in any room.  This item is another best seller here at the shop.

img_0088Finally, a picture of our Battery Operated Tapers. We hand dip the tapers 3 times in Beeswax and roll them in a special primitive grubby mix. These tapers will run 700 hours on 2 AA batteries. From left to right the colors are: Burgundy, Gold, Mustard, Brown, Sage and Cream. We also do a Barn Red and a Navy.. but we still need to get those dipped.

8127381Mid month we are expecting the shipment of Mini Revere Wax Warmers. For smaller spaces these warmers are just the thing being only 3½” diameter and 7½” tall. Able to melt any full size 1 oz melts as quickly as the bigger warmers, they quickly throw scent into your home. And, becuase of the punched patterns, they offer that cozy lighting we all desire in our homes today. Don’t forget we offer over 90 fragrances in our Melts and Candles and we are working towards offering 150 different and unique fragrances in our products.

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Under the Weather

sickAfter pouring candles Monday, my throat was scratchy. Not unusual when dealing with fragrances. However, woke up the next day with a sore throat and stuffy nose. Now, today, I just flat out don’t feel well. I am getting around to go to the shop, but will be a bit late. Being sick when you are the only one working is not good.

On a good note, the Thompson Candle Pillars are here and going out. Those should all be out today. Yesterday I ordered some more lighting. We sold the last double pack of silicone bulbs and were out of the 50 light strands on brown cords. Both of these should be back in the shop mid next week. Many of the signs and prints we got in in January are also gone. I will look into reordering or possibly going to market again to get more.

We will be closed next Tuesday. My son will be flying to Texas to spend some time with his Dad. Home schooling has really been a blessing in this area. Before, Reno only got a few days here and there around the holidays, then summer break with his Dad. Now, he gets to go for longer periods of time, and never has to go longer than 2.5 months before seeing him again. It also has made his Dad responsible for his education. He had to stop being just a good time and be part of raising his son. The entire situation has been beneficial for everyone.

This trip we added an extra week to the time he stays in Texas. My parents are about 6 hours South of my ex-husband. With my father having a diagnosis of multiple myeloma, we are looking to get some extra time with them as well. They will be able to get some time with their Grandson with out taking time away from the father. Again, regular schooling would not allow this type of freedom. I too am planning more time with my parents. We usually take a vacation in June, but will possibly put that off until July. We will also be making a trip to Nebraska at the end of August to celebrate my Grandmothers 90th birthday. It will be a surprise.. good thing she has a good heart.

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Technical Difficulties

Ya just got to love technology! I have spent most of today trying to get some pictures uploaded so I can send out the March newsletter. Grrr! Not sure what the problem is [do we ever??] but photos keep returning an error. I’ve reset my router and my modem. Trouble must be on their web site or servers. At least one can hope. The newsletter is ready except for the pictures. Sorry for the delay.. it will be sent as soon as I get the pictures uploaded. If you are not currently a Newsletter Subscriber you can join HERE.

thompson1Friday I got a call from Thompson Candles. They are set to ship and we are expecting to get our grubby pillars this week. Look for delicious fragrances like Snickerdoodle, Pumpkin Pie and Apple Dumpling. While at Market this past January, I spent a lot of time checking out and sniffing the candles offered for shops. We wanted a nice, cake type pillar that would look great sitting around the house, but we also wanted a candle that would burn well if you chose to light it. We were very happy to find these and sooo look forward to getting these in the shop. The Candle Room is coming together. On the horizon for new candle scents this month are Glazed Baklava, Cinnamon Frosting, Sugar Cookie [finally] and Lemon Pound Cake. We are about half way through testing these and they all are really good. My favorites so far is the Glazed Baklava. Have it burning here in the living room at home where I’m working. One I am looking forward to testing is the Fruit Loops. It really smells nice.. refreshing after all the Cinnamons we tested coming into the holidays.

 We are still dipping tapers. We have the Brown, Mustard, Burgundy and Gold done and out in the shop. Still to do are the Red, Country Blue, Sage and maybe the Cream. These tapers will be featured in an ad in the June/July issue of Country Sampler. We look forward to these being as big a hit Nationally as they are here locally. I know I have to get pictures of these, as well as many other things, posted on Our Web Site. We have a new camera coming so that should make the job a bit easier. My current camera is old enough to be a bit difficult when taking the types of shots I need for products. Got to get a light table set up in the back and just spend an afternoon taking pictures. After that comes the fun part of resizing the pics for use on the web. Also on my to do list this month is get a header on the web site. With the national ad coming out, there will be a web snapshot done and that front page needs to be finished. Speaking of pictures.. need to try and get those pictures uploaded to the newsletter.

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