Another day off and I am once more on the computer. I really need to be at the shop making soap and lotions.. but here I am playing with technology.

I got an account over at Facebook. Not sure what one can do over there yet.. but I did upload some pictures to play around. Bruce is always photogenic so I uploaded some pics of him into an album on Facebook. You can check him out at FaCeBooK .

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Gotta Love it

It’s been two weeks since market and we are still putting things out. We did a Candle Fundraiser for Ridgemont and had to stop putting out the new stuff to get the candles made. Now that they are almost done, we are back to putting out the things we got from Market.

4-armThe battery operated Grubby Tapers that we have are big sellers. They can be put in candle pans, candle trays and our candelabras. At Market we picked up some 2 and 4 Arm Chandeliers that have a nice twist to the  arms.  Add some nice berry candle rings and you have an awesome decor piece in your home. Right now we are waiting for the tapers to come in. They have been back ordered since before the holidays. I have over 1,000 due to come the end of February. As soon as they hit the shop we will get busy dipping them. Currently we offer these tapers in Barn Red, Burgundy, Brown, Mustard, Gold, Sage, Country Blue, Cream and Brown. Each one is dipped three times in Beeswax and rolled in our special Grubby Mix. You will not find tapers like these anywhere  else. The lights will run 600-700 hours on two AA batteries. In the works are dipping the battery operated t-lights in our Grubby Mixture. Check out our complete selection of Chandeliers.

Also going out today are some nice new florals. In pretty pastels, they are a refreshing change from the foot of snow outside. We got some wreaths, small and medium candle rings and some cute, rustic watering cans. After the shop closed I spent some time on the candle ring display. I have three wire peg racks that used to be in the shape of a triangle in the candle room. Since we moved some new bins into the candle room to hold more melts, the racks came out and I put them in a relatively straight line. That allows me to use both sides for displaying the candle rings. Originally, I had them all by size.. smalls on one rack, mediums on another and so forth. After I got the new stuff put out, I decided it would be much nicer to arrange every thing by color. That way if you need something burgundy.. it is all there in one area.

We have also added two new fragrances to our candles. The Sandalwood Vanilla is a big hit in anything Bath and Body we put it in. Lotions, Body Butters and Parfaits all fly out the door in this fragrance. Now you can get this Best Selling favorite fragrance in our 18 ounce Antique Jar candles. And, in a few days, we will have the melts in this scent available too. Another addition is Hazelnut Coffee. We have had this fragrance in the past but have needed to replace an inconsistent supplier. So we looked around for a replacement and found this one. It burns strong and has been a favorite around our house.

New fragrances poured last week to be tested are Bamboo Grass and Snicker-doodle. More along the lines of Spring is Peony. All of these fragrances were burned at the shop today and they are looking to be strong scent throwers. We also got in about 40 new samples to test and more are on the way. I  have been looking , it seems like forever, for a good sugar cookie. I have two that have come highly recommended and can’t wait to get them in wax. Other testers  to look forward to are: Amish Harvest, Lemon Pound Cake, Green Tea, Botanical Orchard, Sandalwood and MORE!! You want a good addiction..try fragrances. They’re as good as caffeine and won’t make you jittery.  🙂

As much as we have added there is still more in the back. And, with February around the corner, more new items are scheduled to arrive. Man I love this job!

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