Reed Diffusers

022100281With the changes in the Candle Room, we are enlarging our selection of Reed Diffuser Oils. We mix these super strong and if you don’t see your favorite oil on the shelf, we can make up your favorite fragrance in these oils in just a few seconds.

Reed Diffusers are really nice ‘Personal Area’ fragrancers. In a bathroom, on a desk.. these are just the trick. For scenting larger rooms, the candles or melts are a better choice. To get the best performance from the sticks, follow these guidelines:

  • Never mix fragrances on one set of reeds. They can not be made rid of the previous scent and over time, they do lose their ability to wick fragrance. The reeds are not expensive so replace the reeds when you replace the fragrance oils.
  • Flip the reeds end over end on a regular basis. Flipping the reeds encourages the wicked oil to travel in another direction and gives better disbursement of your scent. Once a week is good.. but they can be done every couple of weeks.
  • Be VERY careful with the fragrance oils. Most women have accidentally removed furniture finish with nail polish remover somewhere in their lives. These fragrances are no different. They are caustic and will eat the finish off most things. I recommend pouring the fragrance oil into the display container over the sink. That way you can set the empty bottle down in the sink and any drips will not cause damage.

The industry standard life for this product is about a month. Here around the shop we tend to get a few months out of them. Like candles and melts, they add another dimension of fragrancing your home.

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