And then there were five

Well I really did it.. was in a hurry yesterday morning and thinking about all the things I need to get done that day. Had the cat in the carrier, purse, all bundled up and not paying attention. Attention to the stairs. When you step out the back door into the garage, there is a landing then you go down FIVE steps to the garage floor. Why my brain thought four was enough I’ll never know. So I stepped off in to nothing and came down on the side of my left foot. It hurt like the dickens.. but figured I’d work out of it.  Well, the day passed and it proceeded to get worse. Had to get some candles poured and was on the foot, so that didn’t help much. So, sent an email to DH about the  misshap and the need to visit the ER.

The ER wasn’t as busy as normal.. nice when you don’t have a life threatening injury. After much poking, prodding and exrays.. the damage was a bad sprain. So I now have to stay off it for 10 days. I haven’t gotten all the stuff I bought from Market put away and yesterday we got another shipment in. It is really going to difficult to be good about this.. too much needs done. And, I have more things on the way. Hobbeling around on crutches is going to slow things way down around here.

Today I have to get some items packed up and sent out. We have decided to do an ad in the June/July Country Sampler magazine and the items must be in their hands by Friday. I am going to have to count on my son to give me a hand with everything today. The new items will just have to go out as time permits.

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