Reed Diffusers

022100281With the changes in the Candle Room, we are enlarging our selection of Reed Diffuser Oils. We mix these super strong and if you don’t see your favorite oil on the shelf, we can make up your favorite fragrance in these oils in just a few seconds.

Reed Diffusers are really nice ‘Personal Area’ fragrancers. In a bathroom, on a desk.. these are just the trick. For scenting larger rooms, the candles or melts are a better choice. To get the best performance from the sticks, follow these guidelines:

  • Never mix fragrances on one set of reeds. They can not be made rid of the previous scent and over time, they do lose their ability to wick fragrance. The reeds are not expensive so replace the reeds when you replace the fragrance oils.
  • Flip the reeds end over end on a regular basis. Flipping the reeds encourages the wicked oil to travel in another direction and gives better disbursement of your scent. Once a week is good.. but they can be done every couple of weeks.
  • Be VERY careful with the fragrance oils. Most women have accidentally removed furniture finish with nail polish remover somewhere in their lives. These fragrances are no different. They are caustic and will eat the finish off most things. I recommend pouring the fragrance oil into the display container over the sink. That way you can set the empty bottle down in the sink and any drips will not cause damage.

The industry standard life for this product is about a month. Here around the shop we tend to get a few months out of them. Like candles and melts, they add another dimension of fragrancing your home.

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Candle Burning Tips

If you have ever watched HGTV, you will soon see that ‘Staging’ a room has a lot to do with its appeal. When you buy a candle, or even use a warmer, there are things  you can to do maximize the fragrance distributed around your home.

Here around the shop, safety is a big issue. I had all my testers up high on the tops of cabinets. I went through a stage where I thought I was getting some real duds as samples. Since more often than not I pay for these, I was getting a bit aggravated. Then, I climbed up a ladder to get something off the top of a cabinet for a customer and wow!! the air up there smelled wonderful. I was not thinking when I put the testers up so high. The candle produces heat that melts the wax. As that heat is carried up, so is your fragrance. We now have our testers placed lower in the shop.. below nose level. We have had to choose these locations carefully because of children coming into the shop and the tendency of people to pick things up when buying. Now they are on lower shelves that as a rule, don’t carry much merchandise and hidden to not attract the attention of kids. Plus, we have Bruce to entertain the kids as well. So, around your home, if you are burning a candle, look for a location that is out of the way and below nose level. Our best fragrance is from candles placed about knee high here in the shop.

Another lesson I learned in Texas. I  had a candle placed on a table next to my recliner. I could not smell it in the living room.. however, in the hallway, it smelled great. After thinking about if a bit, I realized that my air return vent was in that hallway and affecting the flow of the fragrance. When the system kicked on, it pulled air from the end of the house, into the hall and vent. Moving the candle further away from the vent pulled that fragrance through the room and I had better distribution of the fragrance. We use that here at the shop as well. Air is pulled from the front to the back. Testers are place so that the tester is actually in the area I want fragranced, furthest away from the back of the shop. That way, when the unit kicks on, the scent is pulled into the area I want to smell good. In  your home, when you want to fragrance a room, place the candle or warmer furthest away from your return vent and you will have the best results. What do you do with these old home that have return vents all over the place? My living room has 2, a return in the floor on opposite ends of the room. so, I place my candle in the center of the room on a coffee table. The vents pull the fragrance through the room and the placement level allows the fragrance to travel up through the room.

When you buy a candle or wax warmer, you are wanting to bring fragrance into your home. Maximize the effect by placing the candle so that you get the most from it.

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Curing Winter Blahs

02210001OK, it is once again snowing. There are Winter Storm Warnings for the area.. sweet 😦 . If you read the previous post, you saw the Battery Operated Tapers are in. I have wax melting in the back and will be back there soon to get some of these Tapers everybody has been waiting on done. So, while I’m waiting I took some pictures around the shop and am going to share some pics to take your mind off that ugly Winter stuff going on outside.  02210009

This muted Ivy was new last year. Instead of a sharp contrast of dark green and white, these muted colors of cream and a more sage green go with sooo much more here around the shop. Last Fall I stuck some bright orange pip berries and mini pumpkins in these Ivys and the color combo really popped! You can see they look pretty nice with the pastels as well.  The arrangement is stuck in a rusty watering pitcher and a cute little sign as been added for fun. These little signs are really fun to add to floral arrangements, hang over the edge of a basket or even bend the hanger back so you can set them out as a little sign with an easel.

02210006How about these really cute shelves?? Each one hand made here in Kenton, they are all unique. Painted a nice aged Cream, they come with barn red or navy blue stars. They are about 29.5″ long across the shelf and about 3.5″ deep. You can see they are great for displaying a few odd and ends on the top and make a statement all by themselves.

02210022Been busy in the candle room. We finally redid the tops of the cabinets and it is a lot more homey in there. We have also removed the double display of our candles [2 of each fragrance side by side] and are only showing a single row of each. We are steadily working to have these cabinets full of unique fragrances to give us 156 different scents. Where else are you going to be able to go with that kind of selection! We already have over 90.. so we are well on our way of achieving our goal. If you have never experienced one of our candles.. you are missing a treat. Designed to burn all day, rather than a few hours at a time, these candles will throw their scent strongly from top to bottom. Each one burns an average of 115 hours. Any time you walk in the shop you are experiencing our testers. I get so many comments it is easy to decide which fragrances to add. Plus, if they can throw scent in this place.. they can sure fill your home.

They’re Here!!

After being called 2 days ago and told the battery tapers would not be in until the first of April, talking to someone today and being told AGAIN.. they won’t be in until April.. guess what got delivered?? One thousand battery tapers!!  Woo Hoo.. happy dance. I will be dipping these in our special Grubby mixture this weekend so they will be available Tuesday when we open.

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Now Testing

02180002Monday we got a dozen new test fragrances into wax. I have 2 Sugar Cookies, 2 Lemon Pound Cakes, 2 Green Teas, Orange, Apricot Freesia, Fruit Loops, Cinnamon Sugar, Pecan Pickups, Cinnamon Frosting and Caramel Orange. Last night I took home the Cinnamon Sugar, Pecan Pickups and one of the Lemon Pound Cakes to test. The Cinnamon Sugar is strong and delicious! We will be adding that one for sure. The Pecan Pickups was in the dining room where I was working and it also is very nice. Today in the shop we have a Sugar Cookie, the other Lemon Pound Cake, Cinnamon Frosting and Apricot Freesia burning. Early favorites are the this Lemon Pound Cake and the Apricot Freesia. The Cinnamon Frosting is also nice. These need a couple more hours of burning before we can really see if they have a nice throw. Most are looking to be keepers so we sill get the fragrances ordered and add the scent to our melts.

Well, the weather is forecasting snow.. again. I got Spring going on around here so kinda hate to step back out into cold Winter weather when we leave. My son has finally had a chance to ride the dirt bike he got for Christmas.. and now the weather is making it difficult to get out and have fun with it again. He waited so long for the bike… saved for several years. His Christmas money gave him enough to get one.. and now the weather is not cooperating. Inside, he is getting interested in tropical fish. We have a 10 gallon tank that is still in the new tank cycle. He has a Sword-tail female and several Guppies. The Guppy has given him 8 babies that he is real ct6proud of. He also has a pair of Bettas. In my younger years.. in Texas.. I used to raise Bettas on my apartment balcony. I raised them up and traded for more fish food till the weather got cold and I had to stop for the season. So, we are going to try to breed this pair and see what we get for colors. If you like this fish, you have to check out this site: Betty Splendens . WOW! The fish has come a long way in the 15 years since I raised mine. The fins, the colors.. it is hard not to appreciate these fish. If we are successful from the pair we got from the pet shop.. I’d love to get my hands on a fancy pair and breed them. Just what I need.. another hobby. But for now, my son is interested and we will see how far his interest goes.

We finally got some lotions back out. The ever popular Buckeye and Sandalwood Vanilla as well as Honey Almond and  Pink Sugar. I will be making more of the Naturally Nothing hopefully this weekend. The Naturally Nothing has no fragrance.. just our wonderful lotion. Good for sensitive skin, use on the face and for some of the guys that don’t like fragrance. The new Body Butter formulation is awesome! I am sooo loving it. Softer than our previous version, it is easier to apply and melts quicker with body heat. It melts to more of an oil, but quickly penetrates into the skin. I have been using this all over and am noticing a much softer and smoother skin. Great on the face [unscented] under the eyes it helps smooth out the fine lines we get as we mature. I also like it on my hands and keep some by the computer. This will also get made up this weekend so you can experience it too.

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Happy Valentines Day

I hope everyone is having a special day today!! The shop has been busy with men.. doing some last minute shopping for their Sweethearts. Of course, I am still getting new items out and rearranging things.

The March/April issue of Early American Life is in. With more articles than advertising, this magazine is a real treat if you love prim and colonial decor.

We also are finally getting out the floral stuff we got at Market back in January. Nice candle rings with the mixed berries and rusty stars, they have some brighter colors than what I have seen in the past. Sage green, various shades of brown and a nice antique red. these will look especially nice around the Thompson Candles we are expecting in next month.

The Candle Room is still undergoing change. We are adding several more Reed Diffuser fragrance oils as many of you have asked for more selection. At any time, if you don’t see a fragrance in the diffuser oils that we have in the melts or candle.. just ask and we will make it up for you. It takes seconds to make them so we can easily accommodate these requests.

Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter!! You will receive a thank you coupon to get one of our candles for only $10.00. These candles burn approx 115 hours and regularly sell for $16.00. Then, you will receive our February newsletter to get 10% off any of our Hearthside Plates. After that, every month you will receive a newsletter only special. Pass the signup info to your friends so they can take advantage of the sweet deals too.

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In like a Lion..

02120005Well, the sun is finally out after all that wind yesterday and last night. It looks like things are calming down outside. We had50 mph winds and supposed gusts close to 65 mph. We have some siding under the eave of the house coming loose and a lot of branches down.. but everything else seems OK. I am always amazed at the winds we get up here in Ohio and the houses that withstand them. You can actually feel those gusts hit the house. As you can see.. Bruce is hanging out by the font door waiting for his people.. and the sun beam that will be pouring in soon.02120002

While I was getting ready to come in this morning, I got a call from the coffee shop down at the end of my side of the street. Seems there was a lot of roofing material strewn down the sidewalk on our street. Sara wanted to give me a heads up to check my roof when I got to the shop. A city work crew was cleaning it up, so that was nice to know to look for damage before the rain comes. On the way in I called the previous owner of my building to inquire about my roof.. and the roof next door as he still owns that building. I was comforted to know both roofs were metal, so the debris was probably not mine. When I got to town I found out the roof belonged to the Aston building.. the one with the black awning in the picture. Seems like they lost about 1/3 of their roof. If  you go to the end of the block and look at the bank catty corner to us their sign has blown off and is halfway up the North side of the street. [We are on the West side of the courthouse] What a mess! I’m sure as the day progresses we will discover more damage to these old buildings. The hurricane last year broke and upstairs window at the shop, so we need to get up there later today and make sure all is well.

02120020My son is starting his day off with a test. Home schooling has been good for him.. but keeping him focused at times is a challenge. Especially when it comes to writing an essay.

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New Production

It’s been a few days so here’s an update..

Three new fragrances have been added in our Melts. Bamboo Grass , Sandalwood Vanilla and Peony. The Sandalwood Vanilla Candle has already been added to our line and the other two are expected by the end of the month. Both of these two have been burning around the shop and are a nice refreshing change to the yucky weather outside. We have received 2 Sugar Cookie samples and they will be in wax later this week. I have over 50 new fragrances to get tested so need to get busy.

Today I made lotions. Buckeye, Sandalwood Vanilla, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Honey Almond and Pink Sugar. They just need to be labeled and put out.. look for these by the end of the week. These lotions sold really well over the holidays and are still selling strong. The cold, windy weather and dryer home environments make your skin need and appreciate these lotions. Thick and rich, they have Emu  Oil to heal and soften the skin. All of our lotions are available to sample in the shop. Stop by and put some on and see how nice your skin feels hours later.

I have been playing around with my Body Butter recipe. I decreased the Cocoa Butter a bit and added more Mango Butter. The desire was to make the butter a bit softer and easier to apply. I also added Cycolmethicone as a non greasy light conditioner for the skin that leaves it soft and very silky. I came home, after rubbing the new recipe all over my skin, and asked hubby for his opinion. He agreed, soft and silky with out a grease feeling. I put a smidge on his hand and there is a definite difference from the other hand. Very smooth and soft. I will play with this a bit more before putting it into production.

Soap has finally gotten made as well. I will have Antique Lace back out for sale in about 6 weeks. This soap sold very quickly. Also made are Chocolate Amber [this is AWESOME!] and another nice one I haven’t decided on a name for yet. The unscented Goat Milk and Oats as well as another one [can’t remember right now] just need labels and they will be out for sale. These bars of soap will be a bit larger than the previous ones.. close to 6 ounces when cut and curing to about 5.5 ounces. I can’t help it.. I just like a big bar of soap.

 If you have never tried a hand made soap.. please treat yourself… you are worth it! You will be amazed at how nice your skin feels after use. No dried out skin.. the fine lines and wrinkles that mature skin gets are reduced. I have used a hand made soap on my skin for about 10 years now, and it is one of the reasons I look 10 years younger than I am. Good genetics help.. but taking care of your skin helps even more.  In my soaps I use premium oils like Shea butter, Grapeseed, Walnut and Flax oils as well as a high percentage of Olive oil. Coconut and Palm Kernel oils are used for lather.. but the common soybean and crisco.. not on my skin. They make a nice soap, but when you are making soap from scratch, why use the cheapest stuff around?? I like to be spoiled! I even use my soap to wash my hair. It leaves my hair softer and silkier than any commercial shampoo does. 

I have taken some pictures.. just haven’t off loaded them onto the computer. Will get more pics in the next few days. Time to get some sleep.

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Old Flame

02050005_smWell, the boxes keep arriving. Today we got in some Wick Trimmers. Anybody that loves to burn candles really needs one of these. Not only do they snip your wick off, they catch the trimmed part to  allow easy removal of the burned wick. Keeping wicks properly trimmed will allow your candle to burn cleaner, reduce fire hazards and keep your candle from smelling like smoke when you get to the bottom. Having old pieces of burnt wicks in your melt pool is not only unattractive, it allows the scent of the burned material to permeate the melted wax. And, as it burns, the scent of the burned stuff will overpower the fragrance left in the candle. Keeping your candle covered when not in use to keep out the dust will also improve your candles performance.

Also in are several more framed prints and some cool little shelf sitters. We got the neatest little “IDK” sitter.. from the text messaging acronyms [I don’t know]. Yet to come is “LOL” for Laugh out Loud. These stitters are a  nice size for sitting on your desk or perfect for that texting teen. Also in and really cute are some black faced sheep. I want one for myself.

Still to get put out are some more floral stuff.. candle rings and picks. We also got some new jewelry and need to rework the jewelry area. Since my DH and son are riding me pretty hard about taking it easy and letting my ankle heal, I’m not real sure when I’m going to get it done. Taking it easy does not come naturally to me.. especially when there is so much fun stuff to do. Eight more days…

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And then there were five

Well I really did it.. was in a hurry yesterday morning and thinking about all the things I need to get done that day. Had the cat in the carrier, purse, all bundled up and not paying attention. Attention to the stairs. When you step out the back door into the garage, there is a landing then you go down FIVE steps to the garage floor. Why my brain thought four was enough I’ll never know. So I stepped off in to nothing and came down on the side of my left foot. It hurt like the dickens.. but figured I’d work out of it.  Well, the day passed and it proceeded to get worse. Had to get some candles poured and was on the foot, so that didn’t help much. So, sent an email to DH about the  misshap and the need to visit the ER.

The ER wasn’t as busy as normal.. nice when you don’t have a life threatening injury. After much poking, prodding and exrays.. the damage was a bad sprain. So I now have to stay off it for 10 days. I haven’t gotten all the stuff I bought from Market put away and yesterday we got another shipment in. It is really going to difficult to be good about this.. too much needs done. And, I have more things on the way. Hobbeling around on crutches is going to slow things way down around here.

Today I have to get some items packed up and sent out. We have decided to do an ad in the June/July Country Sampler magazine and the items must be in their hands by Friday. I am going to have to count on my son to give me a hand with everything today. The new items will just have to go out as time permits.

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